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Handbags Guide


Handbags Guide



Handbags play a very vital role in the life of a modern woman. The multipurpose handbag is her utility item wherein she can store her valued belongings and carry them easily. Apart from this, handbags help women assert their own fashion statement and mark their own identity. Women match their handbags with their outfits and the hand bag acts as an accessory which becomes an important extension of her entire ensemble.Apart from diamonds, handbags seems to be another best friend of women!!!

However, it is very surprising to know that initially handbags were the utility items meant for men. Over the years, handbags evolved to become a popular item amongst women. They are now available in various shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics and styles.



The purpose for which the handbag needs to be purchased plays a determining role in selecting the size of a handbag.

While purchasing your handbag always remember that the size of the bag should be in proportion to your size.

Petite women should not carry a huge bag as it will overshadow your entire persona and overwhelm you.

Large, over-sized women can carry larger bags well.

Handbag categories

  • Clutch
  • Satchel
  • Duffle
  • Tote
  • Messenger
  • Sling

Paris hilton

Handbag Categories

Clutch Bag

Is a small, long ( basically rectangular) evening bag which misses the handle.


Smart clutch bags from Prada



Satchel Bag

Is a large bag with a small handle that is carried on the arm rather than on the shoulder.


Satchel from Valentino


Duffle Bag


Is a large bag usually used for travel or sports.


Duffle from Nike



Tote Bag


Is from medium to large bag with two straps.


Floral Tote bag Valentino



Messenger Bag


Is a bag with a long strap worn across the body.
Ralph Lauren Messenger



Sling Bag


Is a bag with a long strap (similar to a messenger bag) but smaller than it.
Sling bag from Gucci



Handbags Guide

Choosing the right color


With the market swarming with handbags exhibiting hundreds of colors, it becomes quite a difficult task to select a handbag for oneself.

* Try to keep your handbag simple and search for the one that matches your temperament and style statement.

*  Find the ones matching your favorite outfits perfectly.



Trendy Colors



Red handbags are  in vogue. They can be paired with both, your office wear and your party wear. They add an air of sophistication and glamor to your entire ensemble.


Purple is a big demand this season especially amongst young girls.The color purple blends well with wide range of colors from charcoals, grays,  blacks and blues. You will find them pairing well with all your denims also.


Black is hot and evergreen. It is apt for both for your professional arena as well as your parties. It is good for all purposes and all age groups.


Brown and tan color handbags are the most popular ones. They are a hot favorites amongst all ages and professionals. Celebrities are oftenly spotted flaunting their brown handbags "off the ramp" and in the parties. Youngsters match them against their latest styles, trendy boots and favorite jeans. These handbags look great when paired with a brown or black outfit.