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Fitness Clothing Guide - Fitness Accessories
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Fitness Clothing Guide
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Fitness clothing guide

Points to remember

Fitness apparel should be chosen taking the sport or fitness activity into consideration. Lycra fabrics are your true companion to the gym and other exercises.

Comfort is everything. Choose the right material and fit when selecting fitness apparel. Your apparels should neither chaff nor pinch against your skin.

A loose fitting apparel may result in slips and falls and a tighter one may restrict the movement of your body.

Fabric should be flexible, stretchable and cool. Lyrca and other mesh fabrics are preferable. It should have moisture wicking properties as well as feature easy to dry and wash additions.

Wear clothes that complement your figure. Do not wear just anything to look sexy and chic. Remember comfort is everthing.



Casual jackets, fleeces and sweat tops are an ideal as an option to cover and protect your self, without compromising on your sense of style.

Wear Leotrads and tights to your aerobics for comfort and flexibility.

Track pants are good for running the treadmill or on the ground. They are best apparels for almost all sorts of exercises. However, it is always good to wear shorts for cyling or riding.

Combat trousers are classy and comfotable too. They may add comfort with grace and style.

Select trousers that feature some pockets. But do not overload the pockets with a number of stuff as it may cause hinderances while you exercise. They may also hurt or pinch you. You might also be irritated by the discomfort caued by things slipping out time and again of your pockets.


Some dressing tips


Wear black to appear slimmer. However, you have al lthe rainbow hues to choose from.

Similary, a wise interplay of stripes and shades or colour may come to your rescue. Wear verticle stripes to appear taller and slimmer. Wear horizontal to look the vice-versa.

If you have a pear shape body, you can always mix-match the colors of your bottom wear with your top. Keep the trousers or shorts darker in colour whereas let the colour of your t-shirt or top be light and cool. Remember, that dark, solid colors may help you camouflage your minor body flaws anyday and anytime. Tapered pants or crop pants may not be the apt ones for you.

For an Apple shape body, you can try the vice-versa of what has been suggeted for pear shade body. Yoga clothes may suit your body type quite well. Do not wear slim or tappered pants as they may highlight the problem area.

Fitness clothing guide

Gym Accessories

Apparels have gone a long way in terms of techniqualities, design and style. And so has the gym accessoeries undergone so much of innovatuions and experiments to enable you a healthier and comfortable exercise schedule. Select your accessories with utmost care and try on several styles and designs before choosing one for yourself. Remember comfort is the key word.



Shoes are very important aspect to healthy and happy living. While you workout towards your fitness schedule, you need to ensure that you are wearing a soft and comfortable pair of shoes.

Choose the shoe keeping in mind the kind of activity you will be doing while you workout. A cross-trainer kind of shoe is always good for gym and aerobics. Walking shoes are ideal for walking.
They are flexible and have room enough to allow for a range of motion.  Runners are the right kind of shoes for running. They are adequately cushioned to save your feet from all possible injuries while you run on the hard surfaces. they provide stability, right  motion control as well as enable a range of motion.

Weight is another very important aspect. A heavy pair of shoe is more of a burden than comfort, any day and anytime. Make sure that your shoes have a great tread.

The construction too should be light and functional. The shoes must allow your skin to breathe enabling proper circulation of air.

Wear a right fitting pair of shoe. A tight fitting may restrict proper circulation of blood that may in turn lead to a painful and unsightly experience. A loose fitting is a greater problem than wearing none at all may be!!

The shoe has also to provide you great support and flexibility to allow unrestricted and free movement while you jump, run, jog or workout in the gym.

The design and construction should be able to absorb all possible socks as well as feature some proper cushioning at proper places, like toe-tip or at the mid foot to ensure a safe exercise schedule.

The styles that feature laces score over all other styles. Laces ensure greater fit and are more likely to stay on your legs, no matter whatever exercise you perform.






Socks are shoes soul mate!!! You can't think of wearing a pair of shoes without wearing a pair of socks.

The length of socks must be kept short. A length that reaches up to your ankle is an ideal length. For a socks that reaches higher than this length, you may have to pull up your socks time and again.

Fabric is again an important consideration. Wear cotton blends or all-cottons, for comfort and proper breathe ability of your skin.

Weave is also a very important aspect to your socks. Wear thin socks. The thick socks may be quite a discomfort. They do not permit proper circulation of air and may lead to heavy perspiring, making it difficult for you to workout. However, wear micro-fibres, in case you want to wear a pair of thick socks.

Wear cotton gym socks. They ensure proper circulation of blood and air to enable breatheability.




Fitness clothing guide

Head bands



Tie- back ur hair.

Headbands are the perfect accessory to wear while at the gym, playing sport or jogging. They may help you keep your hair in place, ruley and tidy while you workout in the gym.

Headbands that are made of some stretch fabrics may be placed near the forehead to keep hair away from falling on your forehead.

These headbands may keep sweat away from getting into the eyes and also protect your hair against the damage that sweat may cause to your hair.




Sweat bands/Wrist bands


These are used as a guard against sweat. You may use them to wipe the sweat running down your forehead.

They may also be used as bands to be worn around your wrist to stop sweat running down your arms to meet your palms onto your grip to make exercising difficult.

These are performance enhancing perfect accessories to be worn around your wrist, while at the gym or jogging.

These are available in a number of colours. You can match them with the color of your clothes.


Towels are your perfect and one of the most functional accessory that  may accompany you to your workouts etc.

They may help you keep dry as you can wipe away all the sweat and dirt that sticks to your skin while you run, jog, jump, or work out in the gym.

While choosing a towel, make sure that they are made up of cotton to help you keep yourself dry and cool.

Go for the size that is perfect for you. Towel should be easy to carry and accommodate into your gym bag.

Keep the one that you may use after your bath separate from the one that you may use after your heavy workouts and exercises.

Have at least more than three towels reserved for your exercises.

Wash them daily and sun dry them to ensure a healthy life.






Avoid wearing jewelleries of all sort to the gym.

Rings may be a problem while exercising and may also slip away from your fingers while you are involved in various activities.

Chains, pendants, earrings may all irritate while running or jogging.

Wrist watches may also be an equal problem. Bangles, bracelets, anklets are all a strict no.

Do not wear your precious gemstones to gym or other exercise as you may drop them here and there while you workout, apart from all the other inconveniences that they may cause while you carry on the sports activities.

Fitness clothing guide

Gym Bags

A basic gym bag has to be big enough to accommodate all your important gym accessories like towels, hair combs, a bottle full of water or some juices, etc.

The bag must have chambers within, so that you can keep all your varied gym accessories at separate places. After all who ill like to keep the socks, t-shirts, combs and juice bottle together!!!

You can also keep some personal care products such as shampoos, shower gel, moisturizer and deodorant.  

Always have a few basic first aid things kept in  your bag, like some bandages, antiseptics, creams, etc.

Keep your sweaty clothes separate from rest of the items.




Water bottle/ juices


It's necessary to carry a bottle filled with some natural juices or glucose to keep your self rejuvenated and fresh while you workout towards a healthy life.


Care for your fitness apparel and accessories


You exercise apparels are your true companions as they serve you multiple purposes as well a ensure you a healthier life. These apparels are longlasting, strong and durable. Keeping in mind, your fashion sense, they also help you exhibit your raduiant million dollar looks!!

You need to take proper care of your clothes and other exercise accessories to ensure and increase their longitivity..

Tips for your t-shirts and other tops


If you have stained the underarms of your top due to swaet, you need not worry too much about it. All you have to do is to soak your t-shirt in a little vinegar. Also, you can apply a thick solution oof baking sode mixed with water for the same. Beleive me, the reult will be extrelemy amazing and statisfactory.

For you sports tops or socks that smell of perspiration even after several regular washes, a mild solution of Borax will come to your rescue, anyday and anytime.

Tips for your sports bras


Do not use washing machines and especially warm dry for your sports bra. You may damage the elasticity of your bra by doing so. Wash them gently with the help of cold water. Air dry them. Do not use direcet sun or heat to dry them.

Tips for your shoes


You can make your shoes smell fresh and good by pouring one or two tablespoon of baking soda into your while, before going to bed. Baking soda acts as a deoderizer to your shoes.

Change your shoes ever six months, keeping in mind the kind of sports activity you perform.

Take good care of your exercise apparels and accessories and they will ensure you comfort and durabililty, not forgetting to mention style!!