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What color to wear - Cool Skin Tone: Outfits & Make-Up
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What color to wear
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Cool Skin Tone: Outfits & Make-Up
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Cool Skin Tone


Colors to go with
Cool skin tones have deep winter characteristics that would suit colorings that are bright and cool.Choose dark colors like True Red, Icy Aqua, Bright Pink, Black and gray.
Colors to avoid
Avoid muted yellow base colors.Colors like whites, pastels and golds make you appear pale.



Colors to go with
Foundation: Since foundation is the base on which you will build your entire look, it is important that it should perfectly match to your skin tone. Foundations generally have either a  blue-toned or a golden base, with variations that flatter a wide group of faces falling in the warm and cool ranges.
For a cool skin tone, choose a foundation that has blue or pink undertones.
One should test the color on the face (not on the wrist or hand!) and have a look at in sunlight to make sure of having a good match.
Powder: Opt for loose powder that you can apply evenly on the face.Designed to set the make-up and control excess shine, powder will give your face a perfectly made-up look.
Choose powder that has blue or pink undertones.
Blush:Cool skin tones are best suited to pink, tawny, and beige blushes
Lipstick: Choosing lipstick color is the most difficult. Before you choose any shade, it is important to first examine a tester version of the lipsticks on a sheet of white paper to discover their dominant color.
 If you have a very light skin tone, try colors like pinks, shades of orange/red and light purples. 
If you have a fair complexion with a rosy tint, choose shades of red and pink.   
Eye Shadow: For cool skin tones, white, silver, pale blue, purple, dark green, and gray are good choices of eye shadow. 


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