Karva Chauth Beauty Looks – Hairstyle & Makeup


Glamcheck brings to all its readers 8 beauty looks for the auspicious day of Karva chauth. You have to look as pretty as the moon on the big day and we are at your service to bestow you with our beauty looks.


 Karva Chauth beauty looks  hairstyle-makeupKarva Chauth Beauty looks  Hairstyle & Makeup

Glamorize your outfit with long lustrous hair and dazzling jewellery. The voluptuous lady sure looks prepared to battle it out with Venus herself. Zarine Khan shows you just how to look like a glamazon.

Tips to Look like a Glamazon

  • An ornate lehenga in soothing colours like coral and rose-pink with heavy silver work needs a make-up that will not overpower the ensemble in any way and yet, make the woman look gorgeous
  • Choose diamond, white gold and platinum jewellery for a lehenga which has silver undertones or is embellished with silver work
  • Pearl jewellery works just as fine for this look
  • Clutch your hair at the back and leave the front locks loose and open. Now, put the open strands on your shoulder for this Zarine Khan look
  • Try a nose-ring for some extra charm
  • Kohl eyes look amazing with traditional outfits.
  • Wear a peach eye-shadow and blush
  • A glossy pout will add more lustre to your look



 Karva Chauth beauty looks  hairstyle-makeup-2012Karva Chauth beauty looks  hairstyle-makeup-2012

Bipasha Basu exudes a royal charm in her look. You sure must be gaping at her lovely jewelled maang-tika and pretty eyes. This Bong beauty has a lot of style! We decode her look just for you.

Tips to Look like Royalty

  • Choose rich fabrics like velvet and brocade for your ensemble.
  • Colours like emerald, sapphire, wine, and magenta should be preferred
  • A stone-encrusted maang-tika and necklace in gold or silver with a large stone at the centre of the neckpiece going with the colour of your outfit will look best
  • Use metallic eye-shadow to enhance your look
  • Those eyes need a black liner to beautify them. Wear it winged or define them like Bipasha
  • Wear three coats of mascara to add volume to your lashes
  • Apply shine serum to your hair, keep them open and side-swept
  • Apply a peach blush to the apple to your cheeks and bronzes your brow-bone, jaw-line and cheek bones for shimmer
  • A lipstick in crimson or peach will work well with the shimmer of your face. Do not forget to apply some clear gloss on it


Artsy Eyes

 Karva Chauth beauty look  hairstyle-makeup-2012Karva Chauth Beauty look  Hairstyle Makeup-2012

Beautiful eyes and lustrous hair are the two ornaments of an Indian woman that never fail her beauty. This Karva Chauth, enhance your eyes for some excitement and fun.

Tips to have those Artsy Eyes

  • You can have those beautiful artsy eyes in just a few simple steps
  • False eye-lashes are a great way to thicken your lashes
  • Paste them to your existing lashes and define them with thick black liner
  • You will instantly feel the difference in your face
  • Now, mascara your lashes with at least two coats. Oh! You will have to put a nazar-tika now. You look so stunning!
  • Gloss your lips or wear a matte lipstick. Both ways, you are in for a treat
  • A light pink blush will complete your look


Scarlet Queen

 Karva Chauth hairstyle-makeup 2012Karva Chauth hairstyle-makeup 2012

This vibrant colour makes you turn into a diva in no time. A red and gold sari will look super with this look.

Tips to Look like the Scarlet Queen

  • A red sari with gold brocade border paired with gold jewellery will elevate your look
  • Part your hair and make a neat bun
  • Smoky eyes will add oodles of oomph on the night of Karva chauth
  • Apply a light peach blush and add scarlet lips to add some allure and appeal to your face
  •  A gold maang-tika and choker with gold danglers will complete your look
  • Define your eye-brows with a highlighter and you are set to grab attention


Mid-night Beauty

 karva chauth 2012 hairstyle makeup lookskarva chauth 2012 hairstyle makeup looks

The midnight shade of eye-shadow is perfect for your expressive eyes. Make it the focus of your look with these simple steps.

Tips to Look like the Mid-night Beauty

  • Apply a light blue shade of eye-shadow on the eye-lid
  • Now, brush on a blue-violet eye-shadow on the lower lid and then, apply a deep violet or charcoal shade to the sides of your lid
  • Kohl rim your eyes and apply mascara
  • Line your lips with a light crimson lip-liner and top it with the same shade of lipstick. Add clear gloss on top of it
  • A little pink blush on the cheeks will soften the look
  • Part your silky hair and keep it open
  • Wear a violet or midnight blue ensemble to go with the look


Gajra Look

 karva chauth gajra hairstyle 2012karva chauth gajra hairstyle 2012

Gajra is a way of adorning your hair with fresh flowers. This hair accessory will never go wrong with traditional ensembles. Our very own Kareena Kapoor was sported in a gajra during her Sangeet ceremony. What more proof do you need of its starry quotient!

Tips to Look Starry in a Gajra

  • Make a bun on your hair and wear a sweet smelling gajra on your hair
  • You can adorn the gajra in your bun and keep it off your shoulders
  • Take out a lock from the forehead and let it fall on your face
  • Kohl-rim your eyes and apply a thin liner
  • Wear a purple liner on the lower eye-lid. It will instantly uplift your look
  • Sport a small and neat bindi on the forehead
  • A glossy pink pout and pink cheeks will look lovely on your gorgeous skin
  • Traditional jewellery will look apt for this look


Braided Look

 karva chauth braid hairstyle 2012karva chauth braid hairstyle 2012

Braided hair is all the rage this season with stars sporting it from the red carpet to traditional events. Make way for French braids with your lehenga this Karva Chauth.

Tips to Have the Braided Look

  • Braid your hair neatly into French plaits and side sweep it to one side of your shoulder
  • Bold eyes and bronzed cheeks will take you through the Karva Chauth night
  • Metallic golden eye-shadow should be paired with crimson lips
  • You will not regret wearing a heavily embellished lehenga or sari with this look
  • The hair will be high on the style metre and the sheen of your face will add drama to your look


Fresh as Dew

        karva chauth beauty-hairstyle makeup traditionalKarva Chauth beauty-hairstyle makeup traditional 

This look demands a smooth and supple skin. Get a fresh face with this dewy make-up. Sport this look with a vibrant colour like red.

Tips to Look Fresh as Dew

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise your face before applying a concealer
  • Take note that the shade of the concealer matches your skin tone
  • After concealing the spots apply a foundation smoothly on your skin
  • Now, wear a peach blush on your cheeks
  • If you have smaller eyes then, line your inner lid with a white liner
  • This will make your eyes look wider
  • A black kohl or liner should be applied on your eyes to accentuate them
  • Apply a rose-pink lipstick on your pout and add a clear gloss

This look will give you a dewy skin and make you look as lovely as ever.

You have all the necessary tips for the evening. Prepare yourself for the night to blow his mind away! Do not forget to remind him of the Karva Chauth gift. After all you are bearing all this pain and loads of make-up only for him, right!

May this Karva Chauth make your life happier and full of love!

Indian Photo Agency, IANS, Shutterstock