Small breasts

Are you a small breasted woman, and just don’t value your assets because of their small size? No wonder! You too come in the category of people who can’t appreciate what God has gifted them with.

(I am not being rude,  just being straight forward). Day and night you keep looking for means to add a few inches to your twin assets. You try out almost every possible attempt only to get them BIGGER without even having a thought of the ultimate result.

Small breasts (2)

All you women out there….let me tell you that your small breasts are a  BLISS to you.

Having large breasts has only one advantage, also a liability: attracting men. Now would you want a man to be attracted to you only for your big breasts, or want a man to be attracted towards you for what you are as a person? A person is judged from his traits and nature. A beautiful heart and mind attracts all. Let your mind, intelligence, wit and humor attract him. And believe me, men desire women who are confident, intelligent and loving.

You should never let you self-confidence down. You are God’s blessed child and he has given you everything to be happy.

Irrespective of the size, at least you have breasts. Think about those women who have to get their breasts completely removed because of cancer and other breast diseases. Isn’t it a better idea to respect whatever you have and focus on caring them rather than just cursing them all the time?

Small breastsIt is very important for you to understand the advantages that your small breasts offer you.

No Embarrassment:

  • First and the foremost, you don’t have to go through the embarrassment of someone continuously staring your breasts. Ask women who go through this embarrassment every time they talk to a man. It feels bad when you realize that the man you are talking to is not listening to you and is only interested in your body. You are not a sex toy.

Clothing options many:

Small breasts (3)

  • You have a wide range of clothing to choose from. You don’t have to slog around looking for clothes and lingerie (bras) that fits you comfortably.
  • You have the freedom to wear tight fitted clothes. It adds perfect curves to you body making it appear more attractive.
  • You have the advantage of wearing a deep low cut neckline and not worry about your breasts popping out. Most fashion models have small breasts. This also proves that having small breasts is a beautiful and desirable thing as well.
  • You can go bra-less as you don’t have to fear about your chest moving at a different rate.



  • Small breasts are firm and held in place allowing small breasted women freedom to move around, jump, run or get into some strenuous activities without the fear of the breasts flopping. Large breasted women often face problems in such activities and remain conscious all the time.

Sexual arousal:

Young couple in bed

  • Many women with small breasts fear that their small breasts may not help arousing their partner. Most sexologists say that breasts actually play a very little role in the entire process. Breasts that are round, small and in place are more appealing and make you look sexy.
  • According to sexologists, the sexual arousal rate is much higher in small breasted women compared to the large breasted ones. The small nerves and veins running across the breasts are stimulated faster making you go wild. Ahhh…. that’s awesome!!!

No Back pains:

Back pain

  • Women with large breasts often complain of back pains. The problem worsens as you age. In extreme cases, large breasted women go for breast reduction surgery. Now isn’t it better to have small ones rather than the bigger ones that cause so much pain and needs to get removed.

Less prone to Cancer and tumor:

  • Large breasts means more mammary glands. Women with large breast tend to develop tumors and are more susceptible to breast cancer as compared to the small breast women.

No Breast Sagging:

  • Ageing causes large breasts to sag and hang around the waist. For small breasted women, sagging is not a problem. Your breasts remain at place maintaining your confidence. However, sagging may occur in small breasts if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Check out the pictures of some gorgeous women with small breasts:

Small breast women

Small breast model

Megan fox small breast

Small breast girl

Small breast girl (2)

Small breast model (2)

Small breast celebrity

 Still not satisfied ??? Well we have a separate article on natural ways to “make your breast bigger “:) Hope that helps.

The reason that women have breasts in the first place is to nourish another human being. Only women have the ability to carry another life form. The day you realize about their intended purpose, you will find all breasts amazing.

Be happy with what you have, or don’t have. If you are happy the way you are, you will be able to attract people who would love, admire and respect you. 😛