Reebok “My name is Khan” collection


“Reebok” the world’s leading sportswear brand releases their new collection inspired by the movie “My name is Khan” starring Sharukh Khan and Kajol.  The collection comprises T-shirts and footwear available at all Reebok stores across the country.

Reebok "My name is Khan collection" T-shirts

Reebok “My name is Khan” T-shirts

“My name is Khan” collection targets the youth of today and is sporty and fashionable. The key highlights of the collection are the footwear and the T-shirts with special messages targeted to the youth. “I am more than just a name”, “Stronger than my fears” and “Greater than my limits” are the lines that are being promoted through the collection.

Reebok "My name is Khan collection" shoes

Reebok “My name is Khan” shoes


The range of the footwear falls between Rs. 999 To Rs. 5,999 and the tees are available for Rs. 599 for men and kids available at all Reebok stores.

Go and grab one for yourself.