Bullet proof vest made from locally sourced materials



Prof Somprasong Parsapratet, a local researcher of Thailand has created a soft bulletproof vest made totally from materials sourced in Thailand.It took him more than seven years to create this vest, for which  he also received financial assistance from Thai Textile Association. It is considered as a measure for reducing costs of military equipments, as alike many other developing countries Thailand’s military also spends millions on imported military equipments.

Features of the vest: The weight of the vest is 5 Kg and  is not as strong as the standardized international brands, it is still unique in terms of design. The  fibre used in the vest is not as strong as the international brands but a suitable structure of fabric can be used to improve its quality, said Mr. Somprasong.


The strength level of this vest is 3A, which is the highest level for soft bullet proof vests that can protect a solider from any pistol. Mr. Somprasong personally undertakes various tests for each vest he supplies to the military  in order to ensure the safety of the solders wearing these vests.