How to Get a Bigger Butt

Whenever we think of a perfect body what are the things that first comes to our mind? Well, for women it is flat abdomen, perfect breasts and thighs and a sexy butt – and, what about men? Well for men it will be muscular and fit body with a perfect butt. So, you see one of the common factors for both the case is the perfect butt. The butt is an important part of our body. It is the butt only that gives a perfect shape and curve to our body. It can be truly said that men or women who are born with a perfect butt are really blessed as they are born with the perfect curves. But people who have got a smaller butt – no need to lose your hope, as you too can make your butt grow bigger and curvier.

how to get bigger buttWhenever people talk about growing a bigger butt – the first thing that hits our mind is cosmetic surgery, but this is surely not the last resort. Plenty of options are now available in order to grow a bigger butt. You can grow bigger butt naturally without the help of any surgery or cosmetic help. Here, all you need to do is plan your lifestyle and eat properly. So, if you are also worried about your smaller butt and want to grow it bigger then you are just at the right place, as here we will be discussing all the possible ways to grow bigger butt naturally.

Wear the Right Undergarments to Give the Impression of a Bigger Butt

Often improper undergarments can ruin your entire look whereas proper undergarments can hide a lot of stuff that you never want to flaunt. If you have a flat back and crave for curvy and bigger butt then you can easily get it with the help of proper undergarments, with which in just few seconds you can get sexy, curvy and bigger butt. The booty pad and the butt enhancer panty are two such magical items of clothing. These sorts of panties are primarily made for those people who badly want to have bigger and sexier butt. Booty pad or the butt enhancer panties will not only make your butt look bigger but will give it a proper shape too. Now you can wear any sort of tight dresses or trousers and flaunt your bigger butt by wearing proper undergarments like booty pad.

The Right Body Weight Matters in Making Your Butt Look Bigger

Often the shape of the butt gets affected by our body weight, as it is our body weight only which gives our butt a proper shape. If you are very skinny then you can grow bigger butt by gaining some weight. A little bit of extra weight will make your butt look bigger and sexier. The more you will eat the more extra fat will add on to your butt and automatically your butt will grow in size. But those who are a bit over-weight, for them things are a bit different as here you cannot afford to gain weight. Often over-weight people have the misconception that they have a flat butt, as extra fat can often make your butt look flat. So, in order to make your butt look bigger you need to reduce some weight, as once you remove those extra kilos from the butt you will get to see your much improved and curvy butt once again. So, if you are a bit over-weight then try to lose some kilos.

Wear the Right Clothes to Make Your Butt Look Bigger

You can wear the right kinds of clothes that will cover up the flat butt. While you shop, especially for clothing stuff like jeans and trousers, you need to be cautious and buy the right kind for yourself. Here, you need to know your body type properly and buy those things which fit you properly. For example in case of jeans you need to buy those which have a low waist line and are butt hugging.

tight jeans to get bigger buttjeans to get bigger butt

Snug and butt hugging jeans will give your butt a proper shape and will hide its draw-backs – making it look fuller and bigger.


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For those who want to hide their smaller butt, here is one more trick. Try to avoid short tops with tight jeans. If possible hide your butt with longer tops or shirts. You can even try out skirts and dresses as this will cover your butt.

Dressing Tips on How to Make the Butt Look Bigger

  • Cargo pants and Bermuda shorts make the butt look bigger – so buy them if you don’t have them. Also, pants and jeans that have big pockets on the backside can help you give the impression of a bigger butt. The bulkier the pockets – the merrier it will be.
  • Wear white or light color pants more often – they usually have a broadening effect visually. Similarly, opt for more of light blue denims than darker blue ones
  • Big and bold prints and checks add volume – so you could wear pants or skirts that have these prints.
  • Stay away from pin stripe pants as these will make your butt look smaller and we don’t want that.
  • Cigarette pants, skinny jeans (ignore the name, because they actually make you look bigger than you are), Jodhpur cut pants and high waist jeans will do wonders in making your butt look bigger than it is.
  • Fabrics like velvet, corduroy, suede, faux leather, felt give the illusion of “more” when worn, so buy trousers/pants/capris/shorts/skirts or any other lowers in these materials. They will help your butt look big.

You can grow your butt and make it look bigger by doing proper workout but in case you are unable to do your workout then try to adopt the above tricks. These tricks will not only make your butt look bigger but will hide the flaws too. So, grow bigger butt with proper exercise and workout sessions and try out tight fitted jeans and trousers and flaunt your curvy and bigger butt to the entire world.

Adopt the Right Posture to Give the Illusion of a Bigger Butt

Well this might sound a bit weird but it often works, people especially women who have a flat butt can correct their posture and stance to give the illusion of a bigger butt. Here, the stance is pretty simple, all you need to do is keep your shoulder and back straight, and stick out your butt. However, do not stick it out too much as it will make your body look a bit weird. So, stick your butt out slightly while you walk and keep your body straight. This is one of the simpler ways to make your butt look bigger.

The Right Exercises Will Help You Get a Bigger Butt

The best way to get bigger butt is by following a proper workout session. People who are very skinny -their butt tends to look very small but over eating is surely not the best idea to grow the butt. As this over eating may not add those extra fats to your butt rather it may add them in the wrong places. So, if you really want to grow bigger butt then start exercising from today. There are lots of exercises that are meant to grow the butt bigger. Often people tend to belief that in order to have bigger butt one needs to carry weights while exercising. But that’s not the reality as weights are not the one and only way to get bigger butt. You can grow bigger butt even without carrying the weights. Carrying weights can often become a tough work for the ladies so if you want to grow bigger butt without carrying any weights then follow some the following workout steps.

squats to get bigger buttFirstly, in order to grow bigger butt you can start off your exercise with squats. Squats are considered to be the most effective way to make the butt grow bigger. If you are a beginner then start your squats today but do not over do it. In the initial stage you can do 3 sets of it and can repeat it for 8 to 10 times.

If you don’t have proper time to work out then you can start with a morning or evening walk according to your flexibility. Walking is the best form of exercise that not only reduces the extra fat from your body parts but at the same time it even works on your butt too, making it curvy and bigger. So, start walking from today and if you are doing the long session of walking for the first time then start off with 30 min of walking and increase the time after each day.

squats to get bigger buttSome of the other forms of exercises that are very good for your butt are step ups, lunges and one legged deadlifts.

lunges get bigger buttLunges

All of these exercises are primarily meant for the butt. So, if you really want to make your butt grow bigger and curvier then start off with these exercises from today only.

bent knee hip extensionsYou can also do bent knee hip extensions. Here, you need put your hand behind your hips. Remember one thing that while you do this exercise never crunch your back. Always keep the back side of the body strong, stiff and straight. Now raise your one leg keeping the other leg parallel down the floor. Keep this one leg raised up for some time and then lower it down and follow this same gesture with your other leg. In this same manner you can do a glute bridge which is also a weightless form of exercise, just meant to grow bigger butt. Even you can try out the superman work out form. Here, all you need to do is just lie on the floor and make sure that you stomach, chest are touching the floor. Now stretch and raise your arms till your stomach and even raise your legs too in the air. It will look just exactly the way superman flies in the sky. Stay in this posture for some time and then lie down and repeat this for 4 to 5 times.

Body Massages Help to Get a Bigger Butt

Body massage is also one of the most effective way via which you can grow bigger butt. A butt massage will not only facilitate a proper blood circulation but at the same time it will work on the tissues and cells making the butt bigger and curvier day by day. Try to conduct a regular butt massage and be on your way to getting a curvier butt.  

Go Swimming To Make That Butt Bigger

Swimming is also one of the best ways to grow bigger butt, so if you are unable to work out then try swimming.

You can grow your butt and make it look bigger by doing proper workout but in case you are unable to do your workout then try to adopt the above tricks. These tricks will not only make your butt look bigger but will hide the flaws too. So, grow bigger butt with proper exercise and workout sessions and try out tight fitted jeans and trousers and flaunt your curvy and bigger butt to the entire world.


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