How to Shape Eyebrows


Your eyes are the first facial features noticed by the onlookers. As there is nothing much you can do to change the shape or size of the eyes for a long term, you can still attract attention towards your precious assets by shaping your eyebrows well. After all, it is your eyebrows that work wonders at enhancing your appeal and flattering your facial features. Going by the experts’ say, nicely shaped and well manicured eyebrows definitely frames your eyes and acts as an essential balancing feature especially for those having long face structure.

Thankfully, nevertheless the length or density of hair follicles on your eyebrows, with the help of cosmetic aids you can simply correct and reshape them in a desired fashion. Shape them well to bring respect and attract attention of your peers and colleagues. Here are some of the most do-able cosmetic tips to learn how to shape eyebrows well.

Get started

How to shape eyebrowsThe first step in this guide on how to shape eyebrows is to learn the start and end point of the eyebrows. The rule is simple and thankfully similar to people with varied face shapes and structure. Hold a ruler or scale in your hand in a vertical position and place it straight over the outermost portion of your nose till the inside region of the eye. The line formed will determine as to where to start and stop the beginning and end of your eyebrows. If you forget these points, mark them with the help of a eyebrow pencil or kohl pencil. You may repeat the same process with the second eye as well.

Now hold the scale in an angled position so that one of its ends fall on the outermost portion of the nose and the other lies over the outermost portion of the iris. For attaining this position of the scale it is important that you stand absolutely straight with your head and eyes looking in the forward direction towards the mirror. Now mark the point with the help of an eyebrow pencil wherever the ruler intersects with the eyebrow. This point indicates the peak of the eyebrow where the arch should fall. Needless to say that the same procedure must be repeated with the second eye.

Now hold the scale in the position that one of its ends falls over the outermost region of the nose and the other over the outermost region of the eyebrow. This is the point where the eyebrow must end. So, mark it with the help of an eyebrow pencil. Please note that the outermost region of the eyelash may not coincide with the outermost region of the eyebrows. Repeat the same with the other eye.

Shape your eyebrows

How to shape eyebrows tweezingFirstly brush the hair of the eyebrows in the upward direction. Use the special delicate brow scissor to cut just the ends of the hair. This will cut down long hair and trim down their length. Then brush the hair in the downward direction. Repeat this process once again with both the two eyebrows. Trimming of the hair length before tweezing the extras helps the experts understand the basic shape of the brows. Now remove the bulk in case of dense hair to make them look ideal.

With the above mentioned steps in get started; mark the right point of your arch. Now look for extra hair follicles immediately below the arch and tweeze them.

Mark down all the important points, that is, the beginning; the end and the arch of the eyebrows with the help of above mentioned steps in get started. Then, start tweezing or waxing the extra hair you see beyond these marked points to give them a well cleaned and brushed look. However, if you want to bear a natural look do not remove more than two layers of hair. If you have really thick brows and are looking to sport a dramatic look, remove another layer of hair, apart from the normal two layers, to make your arch the center of everyone’s attraction.

Tips on how to shape eyebrows

The very first key step towards getting the right shape of the eyebrow is to keep the length of the brows longer than the eyes. This is essentially done to bring about the right kind of balance needed especially by those who have long or extremely round face. Bigger eyebrows, as per the experts, render a powerful look and thus give you inner confidence to hold official meetings with your boss and colleagues.

Fill in extra thin eyebrows with the help of an eyebrow pencil. One must make sure to mark lighter strikes of the eyebrow pencil to maintain the natural look. Further, make sure to not over-do marking of the eyebrows lest you bear over dense look.

If the hair of your eyebrow is thick at the beginning and become thin at the end, it is ideal to properly reduce the density at the onset to bring about a balancing look. Never leave this natural look unnoticed as they may look uncared and bushy at times.

Tweezing gives a temporary relief from the emergence of unwanted hair. If you want to get rid of the unwanted hair for a long period of time, use a thread or waxing strips.

shape eyebrows howYou can further outline the shape of the brows with the help of an eyebrow pencil, nevertheless the density of the hair. This makes the eyebrows look well manicured and attractive.

Learn the right eyebrow shaping styles that would suit your face structure the best and only then opt for eyebrow shaping. This reminds us that the fact that not all those eyebrow shapes borne by your favorite celebrities would suit you.

The above steps are adequate to help you maintain the right look and shape of your eyebrows. The essence of most of these steps is to maintain the look closest to your natural appeal as much as possible. With these measures you would not only enhance your look but also maintain a balance of the facial features as well as render the right frame to your eyes.


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