Hair Care Routine for Colored Hair

Whether you are coloring your hair out of need (graying) or to be trendy or for showing your individuality, your treated hair will need care. So if you are willing to commit to care for your tresses, then only you should embark upon highlights, lowlights, streaks or full hair dyeing.

Post coloring your hair, the care is essential but deep conditioning them before the color (either with a home-made conditioner or a product) as well as washing them clean will help your hair color to stay. Also, avoid any other chemical treatment a few weeks prior to your color job.

Your hair care routine post coloring should include the following:

Hair Care Routine for Colored HairHair Care Routine for Colored Hair


  • After your hair color is done, your stylist will advise you to not you’re your hair for at least the next 48 hours. This step being the first in locking your hair color, will help retain it longer.
  • You must invest in shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for color treated hair. No matter how good your stylist or your hair color brand is, it is bound to leave your hair dry. The amount of dryness may vary but deep repair shampoos and conditioners, specially meant for your hair are the best bet.
  • Apart from using specialized shampoos you can use a leave in conditioner or protective milk as well. These products will keep your hair nourished and shiny for longer.
  • UV protection becomes increasingly important for colored hair. Whenever stepping out in harsh sun, specially the summer season use a hair sunblock. Some leave in conditioners do have UV protection, so you can look for them directly to save on applying too many products.
  • Once a week, spend time and replenishing the moisture of your hair through hydration masks. These are available in the market but some can be made at home as well. One of them is a mix of banana and honey. You may want to wrap your hair in a hot towel after applying the mask and keeping it there for half hour or so. This will help the mask penetrate deeper. Wash your hair with water afterwards, if you can afford to skip the shampoo right now and do it the next day, the results will be better.
  • Regular trims will save you from split-ends and keep your hair looking better and healthy.
  • If you must get a re-color or touch up wait at least 4 weeks so that your hair can, after following the routine above take another harsh chemical treatment.
  • Lastly, drinking a lot of water too will ultimately keep your hair (as well as skin) hydrated.



While, you should follow the above hair care routine there are also some points to beware of.

  • Avoid salt water from sea or the ocean as much as you can. Wear a shower cap if possible or rinse immediately and thoroughly after exposing your colored hair to salt water.
  • Swimming pools with their harsh chemicals like chlorine can damage your colored hair. Wear a cup and tuck in all your hair.
  • Washing your hair too often will also result in your color fading too soon.
  • Hair dryer and other heat treatments are best avoided after your hair is colored. As much as you can let your hair air dry after a wash.

Hair Care Routine for Colored Hair dos and dontsHair Care Routine for Colored Hair do’s and dont’s

Keeping the above in mind, we are sure that hair care routine for colored hair will make the color last must longer and keep your hair healthy. So without fear, go color! 

Image: Shutterstock