Bo Derek Visits International Horse Fair


The International Horse Fair SICAB was held in Seville, Spain this year, drawing more of a crowd than ever before including some celebrity footfall.

 Bo Derek Visits International Horse FairBo Derek Visits International Horse Fair

The week-long fair offers visitors the best thoroughbred horses that money can buy. It has been successfully organised for the last two decades and has gone on to become the biggest horse fair in the world barring none.

Bo Derek Visits International Horse Fair-2Bo Derek

Actress Bo Derek seemed to fit right in at the event when she visited on November 26 thanks to her equestrian digs.

 Bo Derek at International Horse FairBo Derek at International Horse Fair

The towering blonde wore black pants with a black shirt and rounded it off with a grey riding jacket with black piping. She accessorized the outfit with black boots, a scarf tied around her neck and gold hooped earrings.


She looked like country-born nobility and her confident stature made her look right at home as she posed with the noble animals.

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