Cute Halloween Costume Makeup Ideas for Kids

Halloween is just round the corner and you must be already planning your kids’ costumes and makeup. And unlike costumes that you can simply choose and buy, makeup may seem like a trickier aspect of Halloween to many.

With many a costumes today you can purchase its specific makeup kit but you would still have to do it yourself. Here we talk about some makeup ideas that would require only common items and be more cost effective. And if you can do your own basic makeup, doing the listed Halloween makeup will be a piece of cake. So trust us when we say it is not as difficult as it looks. We present some great animal inspirations today.

Common items you would need

  • Black Pencil Eye liner
  • Lipsticks
  • Eye Shadow
  • Smudge Brush, Blending Brush etc.
  • Face Paint
  • Face Cream

Feline Makeup

So to start here are some varieties of Halloween makeup inspired by the feline family. Cats and tiger inspirations are really cute for little kids and below are the steps to achieve each look in the picture.

Halloween Costume Makeup Ideas for KidsHalloween Costume Makeup Ideas for Kids

  • To achieve this look start by suing your eye liner pencil to fill in the nose in the shape shown.
  • Use one of your warm pink hued lipsticks with a brush and apply it above the black nose. Apply some on the chin as well.
  • Now with your eyeliner pencil draw lines on the nose with the longest in the middle and gradually decreasing length as you reach the side of the nose.
  • Draw some line on the chin area as well.
  • You do not have to worry about the neatness or uniformity of these lines. Smudge them and make them slightly uneven.
  • Now using the same pencil draw incomplete oval like shapes on the upper lip.
  • Now draw circle outlines on the cheek and using a smudge brush, smudge the lines.
  • Draw filled circles with your lipstick using a brush and complete the look by drawing whiskers.

Halloween Costume makeup for kids FelineHalloween Costume makeup for kids Feline

  • This ferocious feline look can be achieved by starting with the eyes. Apply black eyeliner on the lower rim of the eye and the eyelid as well. Extend the line from the outer corner of the eye, upwards.
  • Next using white face paint (mixed with face cream if you are finding it too opaque) or white cream eye shadow, line the black eye liner on the upper eye lid as well as the inner corner of the eye.
  • Next, draw the outline for a pointed eyebrow shape as shown using white face paint. Now fill it in such that it covers the natural brows.
  • Next apply red lipstick on the lips.
  • Next color the tip of the nose using a black eye liner pencil. Continue it downwards on the upper lip just in the middle.
  • Now outline the lips as well with this pencil.
  • Draw whiskers on the cheeks to complete the look.

Feline  Halloween Costume makeup for kidsFeline Halloween Costume makeup for kids

  • This variation of the feline makeup works with deep colors. Start by using eye liner on the eyelids. As you reach the outer corner of the eye flick the liner upwards with three separate strokes (instead of just one) to add drama.
  • Next using a green eye liner or eye shadow, use it near the outer corner of the eye on the eye lid, just above the black liner.
  • Draw bird hook like triangles near the inner corner of the eye.
  • Next using the eye liner pencil, draw new brows – slanted line angled upwards. From the inner corner of the new brow draw another line at an approx 30 degree angle. Draw a very light line in the middle of these two as well.
  • Next using light grey paint (mix slight black in white) a very  highlight the brow bone above the green eye liner on the lids.
  • Next use a dark purple or burgundy lip color on the lips. Then color the tip of the nose black and extend it downwards from the middle of the upper lip and outline the lips. Smudge a little of that black liner on the lips as well especially in the corners.
  • Next draw small circles on the upper lip which are meant to signify the pores for whiskers.
  • Using light paint draw whiskers and also a triangle on the forehead meeting the hair line well. Complete with a spot of the paint on the chin.

Of Flowers and Butterflies

  • Butterflies are also great inspiration for makeup that kids will love. For this particular look you will have to start with red paint.
  • Draw the outline of a rounded wing shape first, around one eye covering the natural brows in it. Once you are happy with the shape fill it in with red paint.
  • Cover the eye lids as well as the natural brows well.
  • Next draw the body of the butterfly and the antenna in the centre of the forehead and extending to the nose, using a black eye liner pencil. Again remember outline first and then fill it in.
  • Using white paint give some 3D effect in the body of the butterfly by using strokes as shown. Also apply this white paint at the tip of the antlers
  • Next draw a rounded brow above the natural brow with the white paint.
  • Using the black eyeliner / paint draw circles along the top and bottom of the white brow. 

Halloween makeup for kidsHalloween makeup for kids

  • One more variation of the above butterfly is painting a flower on the lips, so that the butterfly seems to be hovering above it.
  • Draw the outline of a flower around her lips using red paint. Fill it in red paint.
  • Outline with black eye liner and draw the stem and leaves with the black liner itself.
  • Using white paint draw smaller petals in the middle of the red flower. 

Halloween costume makeup for kidsHalloween costume makeup for kids

  • Using a black eye liner draw a circle in the centre of the forehead above your brows. Draw two antennas as well facing upwards.
  • Complete the butterfly body by drawing a long drop shape on the nose.
  • Start drawing the wings starting from the outer corner of the eye. First draw the wings shape above the eye and then below on the cheek.
  • Once you have drawn the shape well, repeat on the other side and fill in with red paint or pink, as you like.
  • Draw thick outline with black eyeliner.

Halloween costume makeup for kids -ButterflyHalloween costume makeup for kids -Butterfly

Cuteness Overload – Burrowing Animals

Now let’s get inspiration from animals like chipmunks and rabbits. For the first look follow these steps

  • Using pink cream eye shadow or pink face paint draw an arched shape on the forehead above the brow and then fill it in.
  • Using white paint, fill in the eye lids completely. Then using a brush draw strokes resembling fur above the pink shape drawn earlier.
  • Now below the eyes, using the white paint draw a semi circular shape, leaving sufficient gap from the lower lash line. Next take some pink paint / eye shadow and extend this shape all the way to the cheeks.
  • Using black eye liner pencil, draw fur like strokes above the eyes as well as below them. Also apply eye liner on the upper lash line flicking it outwards from the outer corner.
  • Next using the white paint, color the upper lip area as well as the upper lip. Now draw two teeth on the lower lip, in the middle extending downwards if necessary.
  • Color the tip of the nose in red paint.
  • Complete the look by outlining the fake teeth, the red nose as well as drawing whiskers.
  • Complete the look by painting her index finger like a red carrot. Use the red paint to fill the complete finger. Use the black liner to detail and green paint for leaves! 

Halloween costume makeup for kids -BunnyHalloween costume makeup for kids -Bunny

This chipmunk look requires some shading detailing and hence is slightly a level up from the rest. But nonetheless the cute result will make you want to do it.

  • You can use a dark foundation or a light brown face paint for this.
  • Start from the outer corner of the eye and draw one half of the chipmunk face on the forehead. Repeat on the other side.
  • Fill it in with the dark foundation all throughout covering the eyelids as well as the natural eyebrows. Next concentrate on the cheeks, draw a rounded shape outline on both cheeks.
  • Start filling it in by applying the brown foundation or paint using a brush near the periphery. Next using a sponge rub the paint in, this will create a shaded effect.
  • Now use a black eyeliner pencil to define all the outlines. Next use the same pencil to line the upper lash line. Draw some fake lashes on both the upper and lower lashline using this pencil.
  • Now fill the nose in with the foundation as well and outline it as well as the tip. Using a smudging brush, smudge the black color inwards such that the nose should look a lot darker than the rest of the face. Outline again if required.
  • On the upper lip area draw teeth as well as whisker openings.
  • Lastly highlight the forehead, as shown, using white paint. 

Halloween makeup for kids -BunnyHalloween makeup for kids -chipmunk 

  • For the last look, draw the chipmunk face with a warm foundation or paint, complete with ears drawn on the forehead.
  • Fill it in uniformly with the foundation or color using a sponge or brush.
  • Using a dark pink eye shadow or lipstick, color the tip of the nose and the ears on the forehead.
  • Now is the time to define everything with black eyeliner. Broken strokes on the forehead will depict the fur. Draw around the pink ears well to define them. Define the tip of the nose.
  • Draw whiskers and their openings on the upper lip.
  • Lastly draw two white teeth on the lips and outline with black. 

chipmunk Halloween makeup for kidsChipmunk Halloween makeup for kids

So have fun dressing up your kids this Halloween and use these makeup tutorials to transform them into a cute animal of their choice! 

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