How to Get Rid of Split Ends


Your choice of hair care regime can contribute a lot towards damaging your precious locks. Lack of timely care steps especially, trimming, cleansing and oil massaging can lead to split ends, hair feebleness and in extreme cases, hair loss. But, you can always get rid of the above mentioned hair damages, especially, split ends, by following certain protective measures in your daily hair care regime.

What are split ends?

How to get rid of split endsSplit ends look exactly like they sound. When the strand of locks seem separated from each other at the end like two splits, they take the shape of split ends. According to the experts, each strand of hair comprises of three layers. The outermost layer, better known as the cuticle is essentially responsible for the formation of split ends. When the cells found in this layer get robbed away due to damages of sorts, the strands take the shape of separated ends at the bottom.

Causes of split ends

To learn about varied ways to get rid of these hair formations, it is important to understand the causes behind their emergence to take the right curative measure for their treatment. Most of the experts blame the condition when the natural oil or the nourishment fails to reach the ends of the hair they begin to take the shape of a rope.

  • Dry scalp is significant of the lack of requisite moisture. This condition of under-nourished scalp is most blamable for the emergence of split ends.
  • Increased exposure to harsh chemicals found in products like hair color and dyes and weather disparities lead to the development of these structures in the hair strands.
  • The regimen of vigorous brushing the hair with metallic brushes or combs lead to the premature development of split ends.
  • Use of naked elastic bands for binding the hair is believed to be yet another potent cause for the emergence of these hair formations.
  • Excessive use of satin pillows to rest the head while sleep further accelerates the formation of these hair structures.

Ways to get rid of split ends

hair split ends


Once these hair structures start to appear, it is advisable to immediately get your hair trimmed. You need not visit a professional who would cost you a bomb to get rid of these ends, but use your own wits to cut them off. All you need is to choose an area rich of natural sunlight to see all the split ends first. Then divide these ends into various sections and take each section one by one. Use a good scissor to get rid of these ends.


To get rid of these ends as well as avoid their formation in the future, always wash your hair on a regular or alternate basis. Make sure to properly wash all the hair strands starting from the root to the tip of your hair. Since the hair tips are far away from the scalp, one must make sure to thoroughly condition and wash them to get rid of the split ends. Once the conditioner is applied, cover the hair with a good shower cap to let the conditioner permeate into the scalp. Once the cap is removed always rinse the hair with lukewarm water.

Oil massage

In case your hair is naturally dry and prone to dandruff, frequent oil massaging a potent way to get rid of these ends. Healthy natural oils for hair  like jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil work best at nourishing your hair follicles. Instead of availing the benefits of these natural oils through oil treatments, one can choose to use shampoos or conditioners with either of the above oils as its main ingredient. The frequent massaging of the scalp with these herbal products, nevertheless their form, essentially helps to get rid of the split ends.

Brush gently

Vigorous brushing of the hair strands, especially when they are wet, wears away the wear and tear of the strands. This in days leads to the development of split ends. In order to get rid of these ends, it is strongly advised to use wide toothed hair brush and apply gentle strokes on the hair. This will not only treat / prevent split ends but also remove entangles without any hair breakage.

Do not over-heat

It is important to prevent the exposure of your hair to temperature extremities especially by over-blowdrying.  Regular usage of equipments like blow dry, press machines and other styling machines makes the hair extremely brittle and in a few days leads to the development of split ends.

Avoid chemicals

Prevention of the over-usage of hair-styling products such as hair dyes, hair colors, wax, gels and more is both a treatment and preventive measure to get rid of these hair formations. It is important to stick to natural and herbal products for hair groom as much as possible.

Herbal treatments


One of the healthiest means to get rid of these ends is the application of egg, especially the yolk portion over the under-nourished scalp. Egg can be used in form of a shampoo when mixed with ingredients like one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of lime and tablespoon of olive oil. This mixture can be applied to wet hair and rinsed after ten minutes. Read more on Egg for hair.


Besides oils needed for the necessary oil massage, one may choose from the variety of nutrition laden oils to thoroughly hydrate the hair. Almond oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil, rose oil and castor oil can really do wonders to treat the emergence of split ends.  One can choose to apply these oils individually once in a while or their potent mixture.


As one of the main reasons for the development of these hair formations is the loss of moisture and nutrients from the hair scalp. Experts say that application of a thin layer of honey does the work of moisturizing the hair naturally without disturbing the pH value of the strands. For best effects, it is advised to use honey warmed to lukewarm temperature and then rinse the hair.

Follow the above measure and get rid of split ends easily.


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