Eyebrow Piercing: For a hot look

Do you wish to experiment with your look and add some glamor? There are many ways you can achieve this. Going for a different hair-cut or experimenting with some different make-up techniques. But how about going for an eyebrow piercing?

Have doubts in your mind? Let us find out what eyebrow piercing is all about, the risks and precautionary measures.

What is Eyebrow piercing ?

Eyebrow piercing is a common facial piercing. Eyebrow piercing is usually done at a 40 degree angle from the outside corner of the eyebrow to make the jewelry sit better and also to prevent any damage to some of the important nerves that run inside.

pierced eyebrowsEyebrow piercing

It is very important to choose a professional to do the eyebrow piercing for you. It is therefore recommended to take your time choosing a right one. Eyebrow piercers often have pictures of their work. So it’s always a good idea to have a look at their work and then choose a style.

Like all piercings, eyebrow piercing also hurts. But the good news is that in this case the pain is only going to last only a few seconds, you therefore don’t need to look for any numbing cream. Eyebrow piercing usually takes 5-8 weeks to heal.  Proper care makes the piercing heal faster. The eyebrow piercing generally closes within 3-5 weeks of removal of the jewelry.

Eyebrow piercing Risks

There is a high risk of infection if proper care is not taken during the piercing process or the piercing is not looked after.

Risk during the eyebrow piercing process : If the piercing is performed at home or the piercing equipment is not properly sterilized.

Risk during the eyebrow piercing aftercare process : Touching the piercing quite often during the healing period raises the risk of infection.


Eyebrow piercing jewelry

The common types of jewelry worn in eyebrow piercing are curved barbells and captive bead rings.

eyebrow-jewelryEyebrow piercing jewery

Eyebrow piercing care

Follow the following eyebrow piercing aftercare steps to avoid infections and quick healing.

  • Clean the piercing daily. It is important to remove any crusting that has formed around the jewelry. To do this, make a solution of warm water and table salt. Soak a clean cotton ball in the solution and gently wipe around the piercing for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with fresh water and move the jewelry very gently to ensure that there is no crusting left.
  • Pat it dry. It is important to deal with your eyebrow piercing gently during its healing stage. Use a clean tissue or piece of toilet paper. Avoid towels. And remember not to rub it as rubbing can worsen the situation.
  • Apply some healing oils at the piercing and move the jewelry gently.
  • It is best not to touch or move the piercing a lot during the months of healing.
  • Avoid any cosmetic or hair-product exposure to your eyebrow piercing. Cosmetics contain different ingredients that can trigger irritation and infection.
  • Last but not the least once your eyebrow piercing has fully healed, you are free to change your jewelry whenever you wish. Always wear good quality body jewelry of appropriate size and thickness. Take proper care so infections do not creep in after your initial piercing has healed.

pierced eyebrows 2Eyebrow piercing pictures

eyebrow piercing pictures -1Pierced eyebrow : Female

eyebrow piercing pictures girls

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eyebrow piercing pictures -5Eyebrow piercing : Male

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eyebrow piercing pictures -14Pierced eyebrow