How To Choose Face Powder for your Skin Tone

Face powders set your concealer and foundation very well. But getting it right and choosing the right color for your skin tone has troubled a lot of women. If you choose the wrong color you risk skin looking dirty, tanned or too chalky. So if that is not reason enough to spend time on finding the right powder color, than what will be?

How to Choose Face Powder for your Skin ToneHow to Choose Face Powder for your Skin Tone

So this is a guide that Glamcheck has put together for you, to educate every reader out there on what is right face powder for them. But before we begin, we must let you know that finding the right color is a hit and trial method. You will have to work a little and spend some time in finding it. This guide will up your chances to get to it and fast.

The Face Powder should match what?

The first question that arises in the minds of many is whether the face powder should be lighter, darker than the skin tone. Or should it match the skin or the foundation. The answer is:

  • If you plan on applying the face powder over your foundation, then it should match the foundation.
  • If your skin does not need much makeup and you plan to only use directly, match it with the skin.
  • The face powder should blend in with your skin tone and not be lighter or darker or else it will cause a “makeup-like” appearance and look very unattractive.

How to choose it at the makeup counter

When trying on a face powder at the makeup counter, these are the tips to keep in mind. And in case you do not try it at all and simply go according to the packaging, then start trying.

  • Do not try the face powder on your wrist or the back of your palm. The skin tone and texture of your face is not the same as that of your hand.
  • Bring your foundation and concealer along. Apply those first and try different shades of face powder on either side of your face to compare.
  • Try the face powder shade on your jaw line or neck rather than the cheeks, if you forgot to bring the foundation along. Since the skin there is more even, after it will be when you apply foundation to your face.
  • If you are just too confused to choose from the shades, let the trained makeup artist available there, narrow 2-3 shades down for you to try. You can choose the best ones amongst them.

Different skin tones and their effect on face powder color

To understand exactly which shades to pick, you need to know beyond the obvious that which skin tone are you.

  • To understand your custom skin color you need to know your skin tone as well as undertone.
  • The skin tone is what appears to be the top color of your skin. You could be pale, fair, medium, medium-dark, dark etc. Also, beyond this distinction you would be either white, yellow, pink, tan, brown etc in your appearance. That is the top color of your skin tone.
  • The undertone of your skin is the color underneath your skin. It is like a filter on which your skin’s top layer is placed. The distinctions are warm, cool, neutral and olive. But remember that these four categories are more like spectrums. You could also lie between warm and neutral for example.
  • Your face powder should essentially match/complement your undertone as well. Fair Pink undertone skin can get a matching or slightly cool-yellow undertone powder to lend a balance. Pale looking grey undertone skin can also work with a grey-pink undertone powder. So match and balance should be your mantra.

Face powder colos for various skin tonesFace powder colos for different skin tones

How to know your skin undertone?

There are many methods out there which can be relied upon and can help you know your undertone.

  • Which colors of clothing or makeup look best on you? Warm colors like emerald green, ochre, red etc or cool blues or pinks? Or both? Warm colors look best on warm undertone people, cool look best on cool undertone and neutral can carry off both.
  • Go out in the sunlight and notice the color of your veins on your wrist. If they appear bluish, you have cool undertone. If they appear green you have warm undertone. If they appear like a mix, you are neutral.
  • Look at your photographs with your friends of similar origin, i.e. Asian, Caucasian etc. When you will have other people around to compare your skin undertones with you will be able to judge better. Notice who looks warmer / cooler / or pink. Also notice if you have a slight greenish appearance, and slight means a hint only. If you have it, you are olive.
  • Finally, for specially the darker people, you will tend to have more purple undertones usually. So check for that.
  • Apply eye shadow in a warm color like gold and a cooler color and see what looks better to tell your skin undertone.

Once you know your skin tone and undertone well, you would be able to choose and narrow down to shades to try easily.

Face powder colors and typesFace powder colors and types

Types of Face Powders available

Selecting a face powder does not end with the color only since there are different types as well. So here is a short reference to that as well.

  • Loose powders: Lightest and great for everyday use. Give you flexibility in the amount you want to apply.
  • Pressed Powders: Also know as compact powder they are great to be carried around and create less of a mess on application. Good for regular use too but restrain applying it with the puffer as it tends to put an excess on your face.
  • Cream Powders: They are the heaviest of them all and best used at night.

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