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Dresses for Women: Guide - Sheath Dress for: Petite & Plus-Size women
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Dresses for Women: Guide
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A-Line Dress: Pear shaped body, Petite Women , Apple body type
Sheath Dress: Silhouette, Fabrics, Occasions
Sheath Dress for: Petite & Plus-Size women
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Empire-line Dress: Petite, Plus-size Women
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Sheath Dress for:

Petite Women



Flattering, clean, straight lines may help the petite shape women appear taller as the lean shape contributes to the length.

Wear the ones done in empire lines or A-lines.

Wear the off-shoulder ones with sweetheart necklines to accentuate your bust-line and show off your collarbones and toned arms.

Ones with bateau neckline or key-hole necklines also accentuates the lean shoulders and bust-line.

One-shoulder sheath dress with or without ruffles, both, look good.

Wear the ones with vertical patterns and lighter shades like peaches, creams, browns.

They may be most unforgiving to those with  a heavy top or a heavy bottom.  A pear shaped lean body may appear balanced by getting some volume at the top by incorporating ruffles, frills, details, laces, beads, bows etc. 

Belts may help you define waists and appear curvier.


Avoid wearing those with a fuller skirt that they may make you appear disproportionate.

Do not wear broad belts.



Wear long statement necklaces like rope necklaces for an elongated stature.

Carry a clutch bag. Wear kitten heels and high heels to appear taller.

A brooch or pin carefully tucked above your bosom may attract attention away from a heavy bottom of a pear shaped lean body.

Bateau neckline sheath dress
styled with high-heels and stockings

Sweetheart neckline sheath dress

Empire raised, belted sheath dress


Ruffled, one-shoulder sheath dress


Plus-Size Women



Sheath dresses may help you look slimmer. They look the best on hourglass body type that has a balanced upper and lower half.

Wear ungathered knee-length straight lines. Enormous pleats and frills may make your bottom look heavier.

Wear details around the best of your body parts and camouflage the imperfect ones.

Wear Dark colors, bold prints, horizontal straps for a leaner appearance.


Avoid wearing ones done in off- shoulder, halterneck or sweetheart necklines.




Wear knee-length, calf high boots, pumps, wedges, high heels, etc.

Belts may help you define the waist. Wear narrow ones.

Sophisticated, cute clutches will pair the best.

Wear sophisticated brooches with precious gemstones to weddings or parties. Keep the metallic or colorful ones for casual outings or workplaces.

Diamonds may help you dazzle the occasion.

A solitaire will help you win the show, anytime.

Wear long string of pearls to help you appear taller and stylish.

Bracelets with diamond studs or vintage look will add to the glam look of your dress. You can wear a simple bracelet to your office.

Watches done in bracelet style may also suit the occasion.



Styling sheath dress with high-heels
and smart clutch bag

Printed knee-length sheath dress
 for plus size

Sheath dress for plus size
with narrow belt 

Styling sheath dress with long necklace



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