Different Variations of a Bob Haircut

Does a bob haircut ever go out of style? Well not really, and with the many options available to suit your face and hair type, it makes sense to get this chic hairstyle. The bob has come a long way from being considered rebellious around the flapper days. Now the bob is a classic and lots of celebrities swear by it.

Different Variations of a Bob HaircutDifferent Variations of a Bob Haircut

The bob is considered very fashionable – think Ana Wintour with her signature bob. And the already popular Karlie Kloss, when went for the chop she became an even bigger sensation. Yes the bob has a lot of power. So, if you are reading this maybe you already have short hair or you are contemplating to cut them short. Either case it is good to know all the options you have in a bob.

Different Variations of a Bob Haircut

Let’s begin and cover the major categories. Also not that the looks of bobs vary greatly on the quality and thickness of hair even if the technique is the same.

Helmet Bob 

Bob Haircut Variations- Helmet Bob HaircutBob Haircut Variations- Helmet Bob Haircut

The name pretty much explains it all right? So, this one is a classic and possibly one of the oldest of the lot. There are the pre-requisite heavy front bangs and the length of hair is equal all around.  The length of hair though, can be varied. It could be chin skimming or even only covering the ears as Agyness Deyn once went for.

Long Bob

Bob Haircut Variations- Long BobBob Haircut Variations- Long Bob 

Now this one is a general term to only describe the length of the bob. A long bob essentially is no longer than the shoulders though and goes below the chin.  You must know that even a helmet bob can be cut longer and so can a graduated bob and so on. But for inspiration sake, here is a picture of the long helmet bob with lots of volume. It is obviously done on thick hair.

Graduated Bob 

Bob Haircut Variations- Graduated BobBob Haircut Variations- Graduated Bob

In this type of bob, graduation of layers is given at the back of the head. Hence all the hair is not of the same length in this one. The amount and difference in lengths of graduations will give the appearance of different volume at the back.

A line Bob 

Bob Haircut Variations- A Line BobBob Haircut Variations- A Line Bob

A line bob is the one in which the front sections are longer than the back. These longer hair frame the face well, while from the back the hairstyle looks shorter. Hence you can see the A-line from the side yourself. In this picture, the bob is cut with side fringes. A-line bob or any bob for that matter is also possible with front bands or fringes. Think of the fringe as the clothing of the bob that can be changed while the rest is the body.

Asymmetric Bob 

Asymmetric Bob HaircutAsymmetric Bob Haircut

The asymmetric bob has many versions today and had been clubbed with many other bob techniques. The idea is to have one side of the front hair linger than the other. Here we explain with a beautiful shiny helmet bob which has been cut asymmetric.

Posh Spice Bob 

Posh Spice Bob HaircutPosh Spice Bob Haircut

You guessed it right Victoria Beckham was the one who really popularized this version and in turn made a place in haircut history for it. It is a type of asymmetric bob and instead of the front hair being the same length, one side kept longer than the other. Graduation too, can be done at the back for this one, if required. The hair turn inwards from the chin and it is one of the prominent features of this bob.

Layered Bob 

Layered Bob HaircutLayered Bob Haircut

By layering the bob and texturizing it, the bob changes shape and appears to curve inwards towards the chin. The amount of curve will depend on the layers, length and hair. There is lesser volume, as you can compare to a helmet bob. 

Layered BobLayered Bob

Now with this basic information about bob terminology and their meanings by your side, you are better equipped with choosing a bob for you or communicating your preferences and likes to your hair dresser better. So good luck for your bob, our team is sure you would come back a changed and confident woman from the salon!

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