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A bikini is an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. There is certainly no other way to flaunt your well- toned body other than by wearing a bikini. With a large market for bikini swarming with a number of color, style and print it becomes quite a difficult task to purchase a bikini for yourself. No matter whether you have a great toned body or not. Always remember that by wearing the right kind of bikini you can appear toned enough to attract the crowd's attention towards yourself.

It hardly matters whether you have worked those extra hours in the gym toning your body or you have not. By selecting the right kind of swimsuit meant for you, you can flaunt the best of your asset and at the same time also hide your body-flaws.

While choosing a bikini for yourself remember that you have to go for the one that is going to hug your body well and is going to accentuate your curves and hide your flaws

While purchasing a bikini the basic fundamental involved is to go for the one that suits your body-type well and helps you give the desired look.

It does not at all matter how much time and effort you have not put into the gym for burning the excess fat and calories. You just need to opt for a bikini that can hide your flaws and accentuate your figure by highlighting the best part of you. Just carry yourself confidently and love the way that you look and you are. Just take care that you don't let the mercury rise too high by your hot , hot look!!!




While purchasing your swimsuit remember that you should opt for the style that you can carry well and that will suit your body type the best.

Swimsuits are available in a whole range of shinny to non-shinny material. Go for the best possible stretch-materials. The closer a bikini hugs your body, the more your curves get highlighted. Always remember that the real test of the fabric is when you get into the water and the swimsuit resists it and adorns your body well.

Colors and patterns are hard to select from as the market is full of colors ranging from bright, dark to dull earthly colors. Remember that dark colors will help conceal and camouflage your problem areas and the light colors will highlight the best of your assets.

If you are opting for swimsuits with patterns and prints remember that the swimsuit will draw attention towards those areas.


In the following pages we are going to discuss about:



  • Pear body type
  • Apple body type
  • Plus size
  • Banana body type

  • One shoulder bikini
  • Monokini
  • Bandeau
  • Two piece bikini
  • Bikini  for pregnant ladies
  • Bikini to protect skin from UV rays
  • Bikini that dissolves in water
  • Girltrunks



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By Victoria's Secret



By Victoria's Secret



By Victoria's Secret



Swimsuits for:

Pear-shaped body type


A pear-shape body is characterized by big hips and lean shoulders. The waist is larger than the shoulders.



* A balcony top will help you divert the focus from your hips to your chest.

* Triangle tops with strings tied behind the neck will show greater part of your shoulders and give them greater exposure.

* Low-waist bottoms will help you give an illusion of narrower hips.

* One-piece bathing suits or the retro style with design features accentuating your waist would also suit you.



* Avoid wearing high waist bikinis and bottoms as they make your hips and thighs appear heavier.


Retro style for pear body shape by Victorias secret


Hour-Glass body type


Hour-glass body type is characterized by hips and shoulders of nearly the same width followed by smaller waist.



* You can wear any classic-styled bathing suit as you can carry all kinds of swimsuit very well.

* Just be careful with one-piece swimsuits. Be sure that they fit you well.

* Go for good stretch material as the one-piece swimsuit should fit you well. And if it does not hug your curves well at right places then it will flatten your shape and make you look bulkier than you actually are.

* Halter tops and triangle bikinis will suit you the best and makes it appear asymmetrical. Thus,they show off the best of you.



Avoid wearing Bandeau tops if you have huge bust as these will only flatten your shape and give you a fatter look.




Halter bikini for Hourglass body shape from
Victoria's secret



Apple-shaped body type


People having an apple body shape have large and broad shoulders and small hips.


* While shopping for a bikini  go for the one that will help you balance out  your figure.

* Go for high-waist short bikinis to give your legs an elongated look and make your abdomen look more toned.They widen your hips and make you look more in proportion and feminine.
* Bandeaus are a good option as they help to flatten your huge bust.
* V-neck bikinis will help you look more toned and in proportion.

* Low waist swimsuits which highlight slim hips and wide shoulders.


Bandeau for apple body shape by Victoria's secret







Swimsuits for:

Plus Size Women


* The only key to look sexy in a bikini, for a plus-size woman, is to highlight the best of her assets and show skin in just the right places. 

* Choose the area of your body you wish to flaunt and decide the print, color and style accordingly.

* You can go for one-piece swimsuits. They will help you camouflage excess fat and fabs.

* A deep V-neck will help you give an elongated look.

* Balcony shaped bikinis will also suit you well.

* Dark colors will help you give a slim and elongated look.


* Avoid light colors like white, light brown etc.

* Also avoid bright colors.

* If you want to adorn yourself in a two-piece bikini then avoid wearing bikini-shorts.

* Say no to high-cut bottoms also.

* Avoid wearing square décolletés.


One piece bikini for Plus size by Macy's


If you have big busts:




* Wear dark colors.

* Vertical stripes will help you slim your problem area.

* Go for large prints and divert eyes from the desired place.

* A V-neck top will help you give an elongated look and make your bust look smaller.

* Double halter-neck swimsuits will serve the purpose well.

* Under-wired cups will give you the necessary support and lift.

* Wear a two-piece swimsuit that uses one color on the top and another on the bottom.

* Avoid monochromes of all kinds.

* Don't wear spaghetti straps.

* Avoid strapless bandeau tops. Let them be flaunted by thin women.


Plus size tankini, floral print


For the extra fab on your abdomen:




* Wear dark colors and bold patterns .

* Vertical or diagonal are best.

* Even if you wear a one-piece or a two-piece bikini, avoid monochromes.

* Mix and match the two pieces of your swimsuit with dark and light colors.

* Go for big, bold floral patterns. They help distract attention from your problem area.

* Go for a swimsuit that will accentuate your bust size and differentiate it from the rest of your body.

* A tankini will help you hide the extra flab.

* A one-piece swimsuit with some draping around the waist or hips can also help to conceal the extra fat on your abdomen.



* Don't wear dark colored one-piece swimsuits.

Avoid horizontal stripes.


One-piece swimsuit
with draping around the waist



Tips to make hips less wider:



* Wear bold prints that will draw attention away from your hips.

* Wear dark colors. It will help you give an illusion of minimized hips.

* Boys shorts will help you create an illusion of a less wider hip.



* Avoid tiny prints and small floral prints.



One-piece two tone swimwear



Swimsuits for:

Banana body type, slender & athletic


A banana shape body is characterized by shoulders, waist and hips of almost the same size and width.
Try to wear swimsuits that help you get closer to the hourglass figure.

Tips to highlight the bust size:


* Try wearing large prints that help camouflage the problem areas.

* Micro bikinis paired with  triangular tops will make you appear a real glam.

* Laces, frills, prints and other intricate details will help you accentuate your assets.

* Halter tops and triangle shaped bikini tops are good for small busted women. 

* Cups padded under the seam line will help you enhance your bust area.


String bikini with halter triangle top by Victoria's secret


Tips to highlight the hips:



* To make your hips look wider wear swimsuits with small prints.

* Go for light colors that give an illusion of a greater area.

* Horizontal stripes will give the desired widening look to your waist.

* Bottoms with tie strings at the sides will give an illusion of distinct body curves and make you look glamorous.

* Bikinis cut high on the thigh will help your slim hips look wider.


One-piece, thigh-high swimsuit with frills


Tips to highlight the waist:



* Try to wear a tankini iwith a curvy seam-line and a good stretch material that hugs the body tightly while running down the torso.

* Add accessories like chain or tube to highlight your waist-line.

* Swimsuits with detailing around the waist will help create an illusion of waist.

* Geometrical shapes help give a finer detailing to your waist.

* A wrap-around-style top will help you give your waist a distinct look.

* A bathing suit with belt dividing the top and the bottom will hep accentuate your waistline.





Tips to highlight the shoulders:



* Triangle bikinis will help you get the glam, gorgeous look by highlighting your shoulders.

* Halter bikini tops with strings that fasten around the back of the neck will give larger exposure to you shoulders and make them look broader.



Halter bikini top exposing the back


Tips to create an illusion of longer torso & legs:



* Wear a swimsuit with high cut on the thighs to help you give an elongated look.

* It will also accentuate your small waist and make you look more in-shape by highlighting your curves.

* Vertical stripes will help your body exhibit the illusion of longer legs.



* Avoid boy shorts.

* Avoid skirted bikinis as they will make you look shorter.





Types of Swimsuits

One-shoulder Bikini

As the name suggests, the diagonal strap running across your shoulder will give you a diva-look to flaunt.

These are in vogue.

It helps you get more of a bare back to tan.

These are available in one piece or two-piece.


one-shoulder, one piece bikini




Monokinis are cut-away bikinis that will hide your body flaws and accentuates your curves.

It consists of a thin strip of cloth that runs all the way down your abdomen.

Monokinis paired  with a mini denim skirt is a hit.




Two-piece bikini


The two piece bikini is conventional, never out-of-style and always in vogue.

These are available in bright, bold colors and prints.

They range from halter-tops, tube-tops to the bandaged look..

So while you adorn yourself with the bikini always remember that whether you chose a one-piece, bikini or tankini, choose a style that suits your body shape and helps you flaunt the best of your assets, the best.



Two-piece bikini


Bikini for pregnant ladies



Pregnant ladies should go for one-piece bikinis.

Go for stretch materials that fit you well. They will help you fit well into and will adjust well as your tummy and hips expand.

Chose the one with some support in the bust area.

Go for the one's that are sympathetic and friendly to your condition.


Avoid buying cheap swimsuits with less stretch quality materials as they can be highly uncomfortable for you.





How to take care of your swimsuit

The way buying a right swimwear for your body is important, so is important to take proper care of your swimsuits.
Swimsuits are made up of polyester, spandex and Lycra – materials that allow great stretch and comfort to you swimsuits. Chlorine, salt and other chemicals present in water can wear them down. Spandex reacts with chlorine and turns yellow, whereas polyester swimsuits tend to grab oil. Every time you wear your swimsuit to the beaches, they are prone to wear and tear as the fabric gets stretched under the water currents, grinded against the sand and are exposed to hot and cold temperatures. Most of these factors cannot be avoided, but some care will definitely help you to increase the life of your favourite swimsuits.




Let’s take a step by step approach to clean our swimsuits.

1)  Rinse: Swimming or sunbathing in a pool, or sea may invite salt, chlorine and other chemicals that destroy the fabric. To get rid of salt, chlorine, sand and other chemicals, it’s recommended to first rinse the swimwear under tap water or in lukewarm water.

2)Hand wash: Once you are done rinsing, its time to wash your swimsuit with a regular detergent, preferably a liquid one so that it easily dissolves and cleans. Wash gently with the fabric inside out.

NOTE: Avoid washing machine to clean your swimsuits as it’s too abrasive for the fabric.

3) Drying: Hang your swimsuit inside out under shed as the sun exposure may fade the colors.




Additional care guide


1) Contact with any kind of oil based product such as sunscreen or tanning lotions should be avoided as the oil may break down the elasticity of the fabric.

2)  Prolonged exposure to sunlight, may discolour your swimsuit and also break down the elasticity.

3) Wrapping your swimsuit in towel after rinsing may get chemicals and dirt, in your towel, to get into your swimsuits.


1) Carry at least 2 swimsuits. Always allow your swimsuit to dry for 24 hrs.

2) Be careful when you sit. Always place a towel underneath before sitting as the pool edges are rough and can damage the fabric.