Types of Makeup Foundation

What is a makeup foundation?

A makeup foundation is a cosmetic product that acts like a base and prepares the face for makeup application. Foundation helps to even out the skin tone and make it smooth and uniform by covering light blemishes and scars. Foundation however, does not help in covering all the blemishes alone. A concealer is used in combination with a foundation to completely hide all the scars and blemishes.

Makeup foundation covers larger areas on the face and is applied all over the face and neck to achieve a uniform skin tone. Besides making the skin uniform, it also adds a shine to the skin texture making it look young and healthy.

Different types of makeup foundations to suit different skin types:

There are a huge variety of makeup foundations available in various tints, shades, coverage and compositions. All makeup foundations lie within 3 main categories: Liquid foundation, Cream foundation and powder foundation. The other varieties are just variants of these 3 basic types.

Liquid Foundation:

Liquid foundations are lightweight and the easiest to apply on the face and that’s what makes it the most popular choice. They blend well while capturing moisture within the skin. These are available in a number of shades along with oil based and water based formulas to suit different needs. Liquid foundations are available as thick liquid packed in bottles.

Skin types most suited: Liquid foundations suit almost all skin types.

  • For dry and wrinkled skin: Women with very dry or wrinkled skin should go for an oil based liquid foundation. Oil based liquid foundations are thick and greasy and therefore, blends perfectly and smoothly with such skin type leaving the skin moist and supple.
  • For oily skin: Women with an oily skin should avoid the oil based ones; they should rather pick up water based liquid foundation or an oil-free liquid foundation. Water based foundations contain silicon oil that not only allows an easy and perfect application but also adds shine to the face.
  • For normal / combination skin: Women with a normal skin should go for a water based liquid foundation. These offer lighter coverage than the oil based ones and blend perfectly with the skin making it even and smooth.

Cream Foundation:

Cream foundations contain oil and are thick and creamy. These are available in stick, compact as well as in tube forms. Due to its thick texture, cream foundations offer heavier coverage and more moisture to the skin than any other foundation. The thick texture allows a better coverage to some common skin flaws such as blemishes and scars and leaves the skin smooth with a glossy touch. These can also be used as concealers as well. The compact form of this foundation is recommended by skin specialists for acne and rosacea.

Skin type most suited: Cream foundations are suitable for women with normal and dry skin. However, women with an oily skin should stay away from this foundation.

  • For extra dry skin: Cream foundations are the best suited for women with extra dry skin. The thick and creamy foundation with moisturizing properties, offer maximum coverage to the skin and leaves it hydrated.  It also adds a shine to the face that stays for long.

Cake or Stick foundation:

Cake or stick foundations are available in solid forms. These tend to dry quickly and provide a matt finish to the face. Cake or stick foundations can be used as a substitute of concealers as they effectively masks the skin flaws and blemishes. These are more suitable for photo shoots, stage and drama as they are quite heavy for daily usage.

Skin type most suited: Women with dry and normal skin should stay away from these foundations as it may leave your skin appear dry and blotchy.

  • For oily skin: Cake or stick foundations work best on an oily skin as they dry up soon making the skin appear uniform.

Powder Foundation:

Powder foundations are available in loose powder form as well as pressed powder form. These are very dry with no moisture. Powder foundation works best for those who do not usually apply makeup. It is easier to use and gives a natural look. Powder foundations are also used to fix the makeup.

1) Loose Powder foundation:

These can be used to fix the foundation and makeup in place by adding a finishing touch to it. They are very easy to use. One needs to dip the applicator brush in the powder, tap and gently buff on the face for a uniform coverage.

Skin type most suited: They are good for women with oily skin.

2) Pressed powder foundation:

These are available in a number of shades and can be used as foundation touch ups. These are available in compact forms and applied by a dry or a damp sponge.

Skin type most suited: It suits women with normal, oily and dry skin types. However, it is best suited for those with an oily skin.

Waterproof foundation:

Waterproof foundations are the most preferred makeup foundations to be used in very hot, rainy and humid seasons. In hot and humid weather, one tends to sweat more which causes other foundations to come off easily and quickly. Similarly rainy season is not safe to wear any other foundation. The rain water can easily whip away the makeup. Waterproof makeup foundations come for a rescue. These are water-resistant, available in liquid and cream forms, easy to apply and leave your skin fresh.

Skin type most suited: It can be used by all skin types. Women with oily skin should look for oil free liquid ones whereas; those with a dry skin should go for a cream one.

Mineral Foundation:

Mineral foundations are made of finely ground minerals from the earth. These are natural products and safe for all skin types.These are available as loose powders which can be used both ways wet or dry. One needs to dip applicator brush into the powder, dab it and apply it evenly throughout the face for a neat, uniform and flawless look.

Skin type most suited: The medicinal properties of mineral foundation make it a perfect choice for those with a sensitive skin.

Spray Foundation:

When makeup tends to fade applied for long hours, spray foundations come to the rescue. Once sprayed over the face, it refreshes the makeup. Available in a number of shades, these are easy to apply

Skin type most suited: Spray foundations are most suitable for sensitive skin.

Cream-to-Powder Foundation / Liquid-to-powder foundation:

These are available in compact forms resembling to powder. It is simple to use. These are applied on the face as liquid / cream and dry quickly leaving a powder finish. It dries fast and provides a smooth and flawless coverage to the face.

Skin type most suited: Cream- to – powder foundations are most suitable for women with a combination / normal skin.

Tinted Moisturizer:

A tinted moisturizer is a combination of moisturizer and foundation. Basically It is not a foundation. Tinted moisturizer helps to even out the skin, make it smooth, adds a tinch of color without giving the feel of an applied foundation.

Skin type most suited: Tinted moisturizers are best suited for those with a dry skin.

Mousse / Whipped Foundation:

This type of foundation is a liquid / cream foundation and applied in thin layers all over the skin. It is available in can and as sprays as well.

Skin type most suited: Mousse / whipped foundation suits all skin types but is best for a dry or an ageing skin.