Types of Panties

The lingerie market is flooded with various types of panties, in fact this generation has more designs to choose from, compared to the options our counterparts had 30 years back. So, you should make the most of this and choose different types of panties for different days, functions and events.

Panties can be categorized according to their design and their fabric. 

Panties According to Design

A panty can make you feel instantly confident or sexy, or downright dowdy but high on comfort– it all depends upon the type of panty that you choose to wear. However, luckily, we do find panties that merge both the comfort and sexy factor together. Let us take a look at the different designs of panties that are generally available in the market.


briefs womenBriefs are the most basic of panties and fall in the category of comfort wear. They usually cover the entire bottom and rise till the navel in height – sometimes they can also cover the navel. These types of panties can further be classified into the following.

Classic Cut These briefs cover the upper thighs and also the hips on the sides.

High French Cut The upper thighs are less covered in this type of a brief owing to its high cut design on the side.

Control Briefs These are great for giving shape to the hips and buttocks because the control briefs cover this entire area, and can also keep the tummy in. They can be used as body shapers and their material is also such so as to give a tighter feel and appearance. Control briefs are often made of stretch fabrics to make them more accommodating and flexible while one is putting them on. Remember the famous scene from Bridget Jones’s Diary, where Renee Zellweger and Hugh Grant are on second base? Now, that definitely was a control brief.

Full Briefs/Bloomers Bloomers or full briefs are usually unpopular with the younger generation, due to the very “granny” like quality attached to them. They have a very “vintage” feel to it. And, a girl will generally not own up to wearing it – even if she, in fact, is.



Hipsters are quite similar to briefs, the main difference is that unlike briefs they do not really cover the navel or the waist and are worn lower – much below the navel. However, like the brief, they cover the entire hip.


Also known boyshorts and boyleg, the boycut panty is very similar in design to a man’s underwear – namely the brief. They cover the buttocks completely and extend up to the upper thighs, and also provide coverage to the inner thigh. One might confuse them with hipsters; however boycut panties cover more area as compared to hipsters.


These types of panties are also low riders like the hipster but they are more strappy and thinner on the sides. Also, it does not provide full cover to the butt and is more revealing than concealing – this gives it a sexier edge. Bikinis are more like two inverted triangles that are joined together. The string bikini is a popular variant of the bikini where the sides of the panty are mere strings that join the front and back portion of the bikini together.


This underwear is more of a medium sized panty that is smaller than briefs and hipsters but offers more coverage than the bikini. The sides are usually strappy, the rear could completely or partially cover the butt – it depends on the make and the brand usually.  


Thongs are closest to the Tanga in design; however the rear coverage is minimal unlike what is provided by the Tanga. In fact, in most cases the rear end of the thong is not visible once it is worn, apart from the waistband that is. Thongs are good for tight fit outfits or clothes in shades of white, as the panty line does not show through the attire– because there is no panty line in thongs in the first place! Thongs come in various sub designs such as the ones listed below.

GString The gstring has nearly no rear covering, with only a string for the back.

VString Two strings that join together to resemble a “V” cover the crotch area and that’s how the vstring gets its name.

T Back This variation of the thong actually has a rear cover in the shape of a “T” and hence the name. The back doesn’t quite disappear like the gstring.

C String This is a new entrant in the world of lingerie, and quite an innovation. It is like a cup device in the shape of a “C” that has no side straps whatsoever. It just provides coverage to the body’s intimate area.

Cheeky The cheeky is a type of thong that provides the most backside coverage among other thongs. However, it too shows liberal amounts of the buttock cheeks and hence it gets the name – Cheeky.

Crotchless Panties

A crotchless panty has no covering between the legs – the intimate areas remain exposed in these types of panties.

Shaper Panties

As the name suggests, shaper panties are for those girlies who do not like the shape of their posterior. Shaper panties can make the derriere look shapelier – by either trimming it down with its hold or by giving extra padding to it, both variants are available. So, you can choose one according to what you require – thinning or padding.

Panties According to Fabric

types of panty materialsPanties can also be classified according to the fabric used, such as lace, spandex, cotton, net, leather, satin, silk panties. However, these are not the only fabrics that panties are available in and one can find more variants in terms of fabrics used.

When buying any type of panty, make sure you buy the correct size – so don’t buy a size smaller or a size bigger because it may leave you feeling very uncomfortable.

If it is comfort that you are looking for then stick to briefs and hipsters, and if sexy is what you want then bikinis, thongs and tangas can help you.

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