How to wear Red Dress


“Never seen you looking so lovely as you do tonight, Never seen you shine so Bright

Looking for a little romance, given half the chance, Lady in Red is dancing with me”

This is a song by Chris de Burgh called ‘Lady in Red’ produced in 1986. The song is about a woman looking gorgeous and very desirable, dressed in a red dress. That is the effect a red dress can have on people. Songs have been sung about it and movies have been made about the Red Dress.

how to wear a red dressConfidence and the right attitude are the two things you need, to wear the red dress. The dress immediately makes you the centre of attention. For those who are not used to standing out in the crowd, strikingly, need a balance while wearing a red dress.

 There are some things to keep in mind while daring to wear the very sexy, red dress that you have always wanted to wear.

Right shade of Red

  • There are a range of reds available. From reds with under-shades of blue to bright orange reds. It is very important to choose the right tone of the color while wearing the red dress. You should keep in mind the time of the day while choosing the color. During the days choose colors that are bright and dresses with pattern. When wearing the red dress at night opt for monotones as they are sexy and classy.
  • Red monotones look very nice against pale skin. Choose a red that complement your skin tone. Go for the dark reds for pale skin and choose the bright orange reds or fuchsia reds for darker skin tones.
  • If you are a small structured woman wear bright reds that will flatter your body. You can also wear patterns as they draw attention to your body. Choose a red dress with patterns on the waist to give you an hour glass figure.
  • For large women; you should wear darker shades of red like maroon or wine shades to draw less attention to your body and giving an illusion of pettiness. Choose a pattern around the bust line to take away the attention from problem area like the waist.

 The cut and style of the Red dress

Choose a rather modest dress when you are looking for a red dress. The red dress already exudes sexiness; therefore you should choose a simpler style. A plain red dress can be very attention grabbing so the trick here is to steer clear of all the attraction like daring cleavage and panty lines. It is very important to keep the silhouette clean and curvy. The way the dress falls on your body is very integral to the way you look in a red dress.

Simple necklines, fitted cuts are the order of the day when wearing the stunning red dress. Keep the cut and the style of the dress clean and neat. The style should flatter your body and fit well. There is nothing worse than an ill fitted red dress.

 Accessorise the red dress

  • what to wear with red dressThe red dress does not need any accessorizing as such, as it is already very high on the sexy quotient. You need to be very careful while accessorizing the red dress. 
  • Keep the accessories chic and simple.
  • The red dress speaks volumes and over accessorising will just make it look tacky. To make it look elegant and sexy wear very delicate gold or silver jewellery. Do not over-do it with wearing all the jewellery together.
  •  You could either wear a neck piece or bangles, when wearing a red dress.
  • Choose a matching red shade of nail paint or a nude shade for both nail polish and lipstick. In the case of a red sheath dress you can be sure with a black belt on the thinnest part of the waist. It glamorises the dress.
  • Black sandals don’t always complement the red dress, contrary to common belief. Instead choose silver or nude shades in sandals and a matching clutch for the evening or a satchel in neutral shades in the day. Peep toes, strappy sandals and high heeled pumps all fatter the red dress.

      Hair and makeup with the red dress

  • hair makeup with red dressYou hair and makeup are as crucial for the look as the red dress itself. A lot of colors clash with red like purple or greens
  • When working the red dress at night, keep the style of your hair simple. Wear you hair so that it attracts attention to your face and highlights the dress and the look. Do not do your hair up too fancily as it takes away from the look. let it fall naturally in a structured way, either straight ir slightly wavy. 
  • Never use purple or green eye-shadows with a red dress. It would be a fashion disaster. Instead patronise neutral, gunmetal (greyish) or earthy shades like browns which enhance the look of the red dress. For the nails you could choose either the same shade as your makeup; reds are a safe bet too when wearing the red dress and so it a professional French manicure. Playing up your lips and eyes at the same time would be a bad option. So if you have done up your eyes with a dark shade keep the lips light and vice versa.
  • Due to the colour of the dress the face attracts a lot of attention too. Get your eyebrows done professionally as its plays an important role in how your face looks. Thank eyebrows look very stunning with the red dress.

The most important thing while wearing the red dress is to wear the right attitude along with the dress. You need to feel daring and sexy if you don’t wear reds too often. You need to be able to feel confident in the dress and wear the dress with élan.

For at that moment you will be the centre of all the attention as you will be the ‘Lady in Red’


Image: Shutterstock