How to Wear Animal Prints this Season


Dressing for and according to seasons has always been fun. One gets to explore new trends and the wardrobe takes a complete turn. The zeal of the changing temperature has always translated into the excitement of the changing wardrobe and looks for any fashionista. Let’s make sure we are satisfied of our winter staples before we start dressing our part for the soaring temperatures.

The ever evolving fashion shows us a new face every season. But certain trends are fashion staples and will always be our obsession. These trends never fail to excite us, they never die out completely as they exist in our wardrobe in some form or the other. One such fun trend that has never ceased to bring out a certain amount of excitement in us is that of the animal prints.

How-to-wear-animal-prints-leopard-print-jacketThe trend  of wearing animal print has not only marked a presence in all the eras of the fashion history but dates back to the ancient time when clothing wasn’t used for expression but protection. Wearing animal print is one such trend that has elevated from a mere basic necessity to something cherished by the top couturiers the world over.

Animal Prints – A fashion staple

Wearing animal prints has never been out of fashion and we’ll tell you why! History has seen some of the most eminent fashion icons sporting the natural skin for it’s exotic value. We take inspiration from all the natural elements around us and adorning the animal prints is one big example of that and our fascination with the fauna. The rareness and the majestic character of wearing the animal print have been seen as a status symbol. It takes a confident woman to carry off the bold, chic and sexy adjectives that come with adorning the animal prints. The forever popular, beautiful, unique and rich looking animal patterns of the leopard, zebra, crocodile and snakeskin adds synergy. In the sartorial world, the animal prints add the required touch of glamour which is why we see prominent fashion houses of the world like Roberto Cavalli and Prada embracing the animal prints.

We at Glamcheck love the animal prints as much and prefer going the faux way.

A Timeline of the Animal Prints

A short summary when the animal prints made a mark.

  • The primitive age- history tells us how the early man wore the skin and adorned the prints but purely out need for survival
  • 1940’s- saw the trend of animal prints emerging for women.
  • 1950’s-The animal prints were adopted by Dior who added a new glamorous dimension to the prints.
  • 1960’s-The Hippie Movement that ruled the 60’s and influenced fashion by using the animal prints in bold rebellious colours.
  • 1970’s-The Punk Rock era brought the true wild side of the prints and were seen being used for every piece of clothing including stockings.

Get the look!

Here’s an account of how to wear animal prints in this season of the decade. The leopard print is our guide to wear the prints this season.

Animal Print Tunic

How-to-wear-animal-prints-leopard-print-tunicWearing the leopard print in a tunic is as feminine as the prints can get. Black knee length and a grey faux fur muffler complete the look. Nude and understated make up ensures the feminine quality of the look.

Animal Print Pants

How-to-wear-animal-prints-leopard-print-pantsTeam a faux fur jacket with the wild leopard print pants with suede ankle length boots. The look so is casual and yet oozes so much style.

Animal Print Over coats

How-to-wear-animal-prints-leopard-print-overcoatSatisfy your winter lust for the animal prints with the stylish and yet so comfortable overcoats. Dress it up with a pair of black stockings and a hat or dress it down by leaving your hair loose and casual gloves and scarf that add a little pop of colour.

Animal Print Dress

 How-to-wear-animal-prints-leopard-print-dressA midi length leopard print dress goes perfectly with black faux fur jacket. The gloves and stocking complete the fall look.

Animal Print Shirt

How-to-wear-animal-prints-leopard-print-shirtThe leopard print shirt looks best when worn with the in vogue midi skirt. Complete the look with eclectic accessories like the brown waist belt and mustard envelope clutch. Boots always complete the attire for the cold.


How-to-wear-animal-prints-leopard-print-hatIf a trend is too strong for you to carry off, the way out is to always use the accessories of the same for you to enjoy the animal prints. A leopard print hat is our pick for the season.

 Hair and Makeup

This season relaxed loose hair is the fashion rule to follow when you want to wear your animal prints. Let the animal prints which have such a character of their own make a statement.

However, while you go easy with the hair, a bold red colour lipstick adds glamour to the animal print look. Follow the nude make up rule to get some subtlety if that is what you are looking for.

So, go the fashionable way when your wild side rules.


Image: Shutterstock