Shannon Kane’s One side swept curly Hairstyle


Shannon Kane One side swept curly HairstyleShannon Kane : Side swept curly Hairstyle


American starlet Shannon Kane recently sported an interesting one side swept wavy hairstyle at the recent Los Angeles premiere of “Madea’s big happy family’. Kane has previously been photographed sporting diverse kinds of hair styles, including wearing her shoulder length hair open sometimes wavy and sometimes straight or in a neat top bun.

This one side swept hairstyle suits Shannon’s slightly elongated face well as it brings it a sort of balance to it by adding more volume to her facial width. The curls have been held in place by hairclips and hairspray. The one side swept look also looks great with the one shoulder dress she has worn to the occasion. The innovative hair style adds glamour and brings attention to her dress and the bejewelled border running across the shoulder.



Image: P R Photos