Anne Barge’s Bridal Collection Fall 2013

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about a bridal collection is the extensive use of fineries, dramatic cuts and detailing which is not just appreciated but is of utmost significance. A bridal collection is a chance or a challenge for a designer to go all out, create something unique, with a broad budget and celebrate creativity beyond horizons known and yet they come up with wearable clothes made for that special day of your life.

Anne Barge Bridal Collection Fall 2013Anne Barge Bridal Collection Fall 2013

The industry of Bridal wear is a perennial one with something new every year. Anne Barge is one of the most significant ones n the current times whose Fall 2013 collection at NY Bridal Fashion Week was a stunner.


When the memory of the streets of Paris was brought to all by the music at show one got a hint of Anna Barge’s collection and the direction she was going to take which was further confirmed when the models stepped in net veils and the classic Parisian beauty red pout. The inspiration was definitely something Parisian and specifically it was the iconic Hotel Ritz n the city of Paris.

The Collection:

Anne Barge Bridal show Fall 2013Anne Barge Bridal show Fall 2013

Comprising of a total of 25 gowns the collection was a fantastic mix of the French inspired Chantilly Lace and the sophistication of the champagne colour that fused together to form a dreamy collection in modern as well as classic silhouettes. Each of these gowns had a unique French name that sashed  down the runway to music that takes you to Paris. For each of these creations the designer explored various necklines for the bridal collection adding a flirtatious angle to a serious feminine collection ranging from the plunging v- neckline, sweetheart and the glorious backs!


NY Bridal Fashion Week Anne Barge bridal show for Fall 2013NY Bridal Fashion Week Anne Barge bridal show for Fall 2013

Accessories often have a variable role to play in a garment. There are times these form the core of the outfit and then there are those where these complete your outfit for just like a missing filling the missing spaces of a puzzle. These also have the power to steer away the story of the outfit. In Anna Borge’s case for her Fall 2013 collection accessories were all about supporting the mood of the garment.

Anne Barge bridal show for Fall 2013 during NY Bridal Fashion WeekAnne Barge bridal show for Fall 2013 during NY Bridal Fashion Week

Gleaming pearl jewellery in the form of neckpieces or earring with veils in net as the headgear  were as French as the Chantilly lace and upped the elegance value of the bridal collection by Anna Borge for Fall 2013 at NY Bridal Fashion Week.

All the gowns were styled with same hued footwear to add a subtle touch.


Anne Barge bridal cllection Fall 2013 NY Bridal Fashion WeekAnne Barge bridal cllection Fall 2013 NY Bridal Fashion Week

A Paris inspired look would be bland without the red lips so symbolic of the city’s fashion! Red lips could be daring for some but perfectly adds some spunk in the form of colour to the dewy collection becoming the primary highlight of the makeup. A fresh nude face matches the red lips. Wedding make up can never be complete without a good blush- on and it can make a person look pale.

The garments had a sophisticated approach and it was but necessary for the make-up to follow the same rules as well.

Overall the collection that was perfected by the fancy veils found easy acceptability for great craftsmanship and a high dose of the wearabilty. The garments were grand and yet very relatable owing to the collection’s popularity!