Style Pick of the Day: Cat-Eye Frames by Cynthia Rowley


Whoever said every specy is a nerd, is surely missing out on these saucy frames. Because fashion’s appetite for the ‘new’ is insatiable, designers are processing more and more information from around the world at a quicker pace and we’re seeing smaller, faster turn-a-round trends.

The cat-eye frames of the 50’s era makes a revamped comeback in full force. Recently evidenced, at the Fall 2011 runways of Cynthia Rowley collection presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on February 11 2011 in New York.

Style Pick of the Day Cat-Eye Frames Cynthia Rowley Fall 2011In golden times, cat-eye frames were first carried by two legends of fashion Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. The rebound of the trend was first witnessed at the Spring 2010 runway shows of Alexander Wang and Miuccia Prada and these glasses have been experimented with, in many shapes and sizes ever since.

The cat-eye frames can be carried off well by people of a wide variety of face shapes and skin-tones. These futuristic glasses add an element of boldness and face shape-flattering magic to one’s persona. One needs to be careful and should choose the right frame size in proportion to their face. In this time of innovation, there is a pair for each one all we got to do is find the best match. A square face can best match with a rounded-edged cat-eye frame or a round face can best highlight a sharper edged frame.

Cynthia Rowley Cat-Eye Frames Collection

Style Pick of the Day Cat-Eye Frames Cynthia Rowley Fall 2011 collectionThe Cynthia Rowley collection comprised of plastic cat-eye sunglasses in colors and textures, with plenty offerings to choose from. The Op-art inspired glasses had a sensuous aura giving insects a complex. These glasses were paired well with the flowy lines, vibrant hues and geometric printed clothing which scream of structure and suppleness at one go. Also, peeping out from behind the curtains were some of the duo-tone cat-eye sunglasses in shades of coffee liquer, honeysuckle, nougat and emberglow among others.

Celebrity Check

Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Katy Perry, Adele and Mary Kate Olsen have gleefully completed their sunglasses collection with the presence of this hot number.

How to wear Cat-Eye Frames?

One can either sport a vintage-inspired one or a retro looking pair or yet go for an edgy eye-candy. Oversized versions of these feline pieces in gold, hot-pink and orange have also become a rage. The addition of cat-eye sunglasses to any outfit leads to the transition of a simple look to a fashion conscious celebrity look.

The petite ones were seen in the past, while the big ones are the talk of the town today. It adds the sex-appeal, the fierceness and the sharp look of a cat to one’s looks. For an Urban chic look, pair it up with a billowing long dress or a long slit skirt with boots. Wear it with a blazer, good-fit denims or any straight lined clothes for a casual yet glamorous look.


Image: Shutterstock