Denim Shorts White Top – Classic Summer Look

End of every fashion season is marked by aflutter experienced by every fashion lover. The anxiety purely arises out of a need for change that is one of the most driving forces of fashion. It is this longing for change that welcomes a fresh color palette, different shapes  & silhouettes , material & styles. A fashion advocate often likes to plan and ready the wardrobe for the next season a few months before out of eagerness and excitement.

 So while all of you are at it, here’s another Classic summer look that you shouldn’t ignore and cater for it in the coming months. This is one of the most versatile looks that will glamorously take you through the casual outings.

The Look:

Dressing Tips Classic Summer LookDressing Tips Classic Summer Look

Who has not heard of the white shirt and denim combination? Not just adored by pure fashion fanatics but the look is a revered one by people from all walks of life. The look has been a hit for as long as denims exist and generations have grown up with it. However, a classic look does not mean that it has to be boring and there are never any set rules to the approach you take. Which is why we redefine the classic white shirt with the blue denim look by adding the touch of bohemian glamor imparted by loose curls, popping red lips, big round shades for a touch of past and classic studs!

Things you need  to get it right! 

summer fashion tips Classic Summer LookSummer Fashion Tips Classic Summer Look

We would love to give you another reason to shop but this look isn’t going to be one. Every element  that you need to get the look right is probably already part of everyone’s wardrobe:

  • A cotton summer shirt: even the most extensive wardrobes will be incomplete without this.If you have worked towards achieving a toned body through the winter, then summer is absolutely the right time to sport  the shirt in sheer.
  • Shortest blue shorts: Summer would be incomplete without these denim delights!
  • Red Lipstick: Change the rules! Red lips may not be a sole option for your evening wear. Bring the tang into your casuals with the classic bright red lips.
  • Oversized Shades: Pretty much synonymous to summers.
  • A touch of Jewels: Jewellery to add some bling!

Styling the Look:

We have seen the white shirt with denim shorts before. It is the glamour touch of the red pout, stacked jewellery and funky wild hair that makes it so appealing and refreshing for this year.The best part? It isn’t hard to achieve.

Layer the shirt over your denims, curl up your hair, accessorise the look in stacks of jewellery and add a stunning edge with the red lips and the look is achieved.

Hair & Makeup:

dressing tips for summerdressing tips for summer

If you are blessed with naturally curl hair then that is one step already closer to the look. The hair do contribute to the vibe of the look as they have the power to make it or break it for the day.

One of the easiest at home approaching to achieving the voluminous hair is by plating them when semi wet and leaving it over- night. Avoid combing the next day where finger combing would be sufficient. IF you are a perfectionist then getting a temporary makeover from a professional is also another road you can take!

Classic Summer Look hairstyle makeupClassic Summer Look – hairstyle & makeup

The red lips are definitely the highlight of the look and this is what made it. Adorn bright red lips and keep the rest of the face neutral to maintain the casual approach. You can define your eyes with kohl.

How and Where to Sport the Look:

This isn’t a challenge because the look will draw you to sport it at various occasions. It is a perfect holiday look      that you could spend your weekends in or the ones you take for leisure. A head turner comfortable when you go out shopping in the heat or for causal coffees with your friends. The look is dressed up and will leave you feeling good  about yourself.

Glamcheck’s Rocking Tips:

This is a pure summer look. Make sure you have waxed and the exposure to the sun needs a decent amount of sun blocking.

Explore with different accessories to add new dimensions to the look!

So are we gearing up  for the summers?